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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 344
Download the raw: SS

Filler arc, I christen thee: OMGWTFBBQ!

Oh Inui

There's really nothing more to say.

I just realized... he's not wearing any underwear, is he?

I do believe you're right! Do you suppose he lost them when he was taking Zaizen's data after the match?

For once, Kaidoh gets the last laugh.


Presuming he didn't miss the whole affair while tussling with Koharu in the bathroom. :D

konomi's got a fixation. my goodness.

Either that or it's because I send him $500 every time he shows Inui's ass. :)

I'm sensing a pattern. :S

Inui Sadaharu and the Wardrobe Malfunction: Episode 2

So long as he's not falling onto a RED HOT BARBEQUE GRILL, everything's okay.

There is no sensible explanation for this fixation of Konomi's.

Maybe it's what he uses when he runs out of ideas. "Let's show Inui's ass again!"

Yeah, there's not much more to say.

Dear Tenipuri, I'm not reading your anymore for a reason: you damage my brain.

I'm already so braindamaged, I'll never be free. :)

My first thought was WTF CANON?

And it....still is. At least Inui's ass is nice and spot free. That'd be kinda embarrassing. And Fuji is so not gonna put out now that Tezuka decided he needed to get a peek of the dataman's ass. And Tezuka will be sadfacing like he does... : | Like that.

Maybe Tezuka is happyfacing over the glorious view. : | Like that.

How can Inui's ass look so terrible in his sweatpants? Maybe he should just be naked more.

Ah, naked time once again.

If only it weren't naked burning manflesh time.


Do you think if I keep saying it that it will make it come true?

It never worked for me with Drew Barrymore.

(Deleted comment)
Well you may ask. I have no fucking idea.

Er... is Inui a stripper in his spare time? >_>

(Deleted comment)
And apparently, he goes commando.

what I wonder at is the positioning. How exactly did he end up in the middle of the entire table, including his feet? That is one hell of an oops.

I never quite understood that either. And how can I write serious InuKai with such shenanigans going on?