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You can call me Hal.

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Roy Mustang
Treize Khushrenada


Dean Winchester
Fox Mulder







Your Starbuck or Ivanova choice made me go "Ooooooh" aloud as soon as I saw it. Very hard decision right there.

I think one of my worst moments (in fandom, anyhow) was when I realised Starbuck had replaced Ivanova in my affections. I felt so disloyal.

(Deleted comment)
I know! It took some serious soul-searching.

Okay - for C, I chose Starbuck, but for me, Starbuck is and always shall be *male*.

Maybe if I ever saw more than one episode of the new series, I'd change my mind. :)

I was skeptical before I watched the show. But girl!Starbuck is 10 times cooler AND hotter than boy!Starbuck. Which is really an accomplishment.

Do you think that you could provide images for scientific purposes of course. ;)

It's always Atobe. And I love that icon.

Damn; I should've only filled out E.

Does your icon...have some sort of explanation? :D Because I'd love to know it.

Where's the option for Mulder and Dean meeting in a bar?

i totally second your option and... no, my brain just didn´t go there. no, it didn´t.

#A was the hardest decision I've ever made. D:

But I had to pick Treize. Since, well, he made it to the top without magic alchemy.

That, and he has the hotter boots. :d

Oh my god, the BOOTS. I used to have a desktop pic of Treize and Wufei on my work computer, but I had to take it off because I couldn't get any work done for staring at the boots.

If the question wasn't "Which is creepier, zombies or ninjas?" I have to change my vote. :)

I am very sad that zombies are being beaten so badly.

Grr, argh, must eat ninja brains. :(

Zombies are far cooler than ninjas. Except maybe Sasuke is cooler than zombies. Hrm.

I only know one person in that entire poll. That is pretty sad.

Randomly, I just ran into some Oofuri doujinshi over at free_manga, and thought of you. :)

you have never seen FMA? Garland. :(

That there is even a question as to Treize's importance hurts my soul.

This is all very scientific and fascinating, but I think you meant E. Kite. You should fix that before other innocent people are confused.

I never expected Roy to beat Treize this badly. I'm feeling kind of guilty now. Though not guilty enough to change my vote.

This poll is a Kite-free zone.

Although technically, it should be E. Yukimura.


Haven't you accepted Atobe as your lord and saviour yet? I have some pamphlets I can send you.

i kind of resent the zombie/ninja question. why must you make me pick? also, i think i have a thing against ninjas. WHY ARE THEY SO STEALTHY? HOW COME *THEY* GET TO HANG NOISELESSLY UPSIDE DOWN FROM THE ROOF? IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT.

You should just be glad I didn't make you choose between zombies, ninjas, and pirates. :D

Ninjas and Spider-Man.