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Kaidoh & CanCon

Kaidoh birthday story round-up:

» It's The Thought That Counts by disutansu, InuKai. Helen's InuKai always makes me smile and sigh and this is no exception. ♥

» Shy Guy by alice_and_lain, Kaidoh and Konjiki Koharu. This is the sexual harassment story I have so been longing for!

» And Trivial Pursuit by me, InuKai. The usual sap. :D

It's been a CanCon weekend:

» Trailer Park Boys season 5 episodes Friday night, until my headache drugs got the best of me and I couldn't concentrate any longer. They make me so munchy, too. I was getting fuzzier and hungrier and telling myself I had to make popcorn RIGHT AWAY before I got so loopy I'd start a fire. (We make popcorn on the stove in our household, with much melting of butter and shaking of salt.)

» Canada vs Sweden, 2007 World Men's Hockey Championship semifinals, Saturday morning. 4-1 Canada!

» Bon Cop, Bad Cop Saturday night. I need to keep watching it until I can use câlice properly.

» Canada vs Finland, 2007 World Men's Hockey Championship finals, Sunday morning. 4-2 Canada! This was such an exciting game! Only it started at 9AM so I couldn't go to the pub. Watching hockey while drinking a protein shake is just not right.

» In less than an hour, tonight's new Trailer Park Boys episode. I am really loving this season. Shit brothers!

I also played D&D and spent about 11 jillion hours answering backlogged comments on various posts. I'm still not caught up.

How are you? ♥
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