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Promoting InuKai Love (PIKL) : disutansu is hosting an InuKai Love Post. Go and post about why you love InuKai. Post pics and links and fic. Post songs and poems. Post multiple times. I know I plan to. :) Never have I loved a pairing so much. I can't believe it's been three years and I'm still not done with them.

I updated the Oofuri recommendation post with more downloads, links to art and episode summaries, and a lot of love. I have stuff I want to say about chapter 5/episode 6 and Abe (♥) but it will have to wait til later. I am shipping practically everyone with everyone else. Damn.

I'm a bit behind with my flist reading but I will catch up soon. ♥ to all!
Tags: inukai, oofuri, tenipuri
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