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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
Scully: Mulder, I feel the same way about Skinner as you do...
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Just what exactly are you trying to imply, Agent Scully?

I'm in love with Assistant Producer Walter Skinner.

Oh, I was such a vanilla het fangirl in my XF days (although, really, Mulder and Scully pushed my partnership buttons like WHOA, so I probably would have shipped them six ways from Sunday regardless -- and of course, shipping them madly didn't stop me from making an archive of all the XF fic I could find with either slash or gay characters in it, or writing clumsy Scully slash myself for variety), but there were moments...

What kind of Scully slash? I remember mostly there was a lot of Scully/OFC. (And more than one OFC named Alex, which always boggled me!) I used to write Scully/Holly which was really next best thing to an OFC.
Oh, Scully! No one on that show was good enough for you.

It was, indeed, Scully/OFC. It was based on a challenge somebody made, and it was quite bad, but since it was the first story I was aware of in which Scully and the other woman stayed together, I was still rather proud of it at the time. (There weren't very many stories then, and even though I didn't really 'get' slash, I was newly out to myself as bi and fascinated enough by the idea of people writing ostensibly straight characters as bi or gay to read stories like that in the only fandom I really knew even though I was a staunch shipper. (I read Star Trek too, but Star Trek doesn't count because it's Star Trek. Even then I knew that. ;)))

Later I kind of wanted to slash her with Kerry Weaver from ER, but I was way way out of XF fandom by then and was only barely ever in ER fandom in the first place.

A world of GUH.

I so love that icon, BTW.

Season three is really very excellent. I love the icon too. I never, ever got tired of reading about Skinner's "crisp white shirts", especially if he was pushing Mulder up against the wall in the next sentence.

The season I remember most after the fact is... oh, was it six or seven? It was one of those two, and it had things like the body switch, and the Bermuda Triangle episode, and I kept thinking, "They got everyone who was writing fanfiction in 1996 to work on this season, didn't they? I've READ THAT. ...wtf, I could probably look up the one about the little boy!" Three was the one that was airing when I was all newly hooked, though. *hearts*

I loved that show, I haven't really watched television since.

It was my gateway fandom. I don't think I'll ever be over it. :)

You bring back the good old days, when I could write 300K of sex with Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and Krycek in various combinations.

Oh, yes! You know, I was such a Noromo then, but re-watching now, I'm looking at Mulder and Scully through the buddy cop lens and suddenly the MSR is really working for me.

That is exactly it! ...I need to use this icon in this thread, for that matter.

That Avatar moment never gets old for me....

But my big guh moment is in Grotesque where Skinner asks Scully "off the record" if she's worried about Mulder. Both of them get all shiny eyed, she doesn't say a word, but he puts his chin on his fist and murmurs "Me too."

I watch that ep over and over, waiting for what should have been the next line--Scully exclaiming "OMG, you're in love with him!" *LOL

XF--First love, last love!

Re: That Avatar moment never gets old for me....

XF--First love, last love!


Re: That Avatar moment never gets old for me....

Oh yes! Skinner so, so was in love with him.

(Deleted comment)

Re: oh dear god how I loved heem

They really, really were. ♥

I loved X-Files so much that I watch Supernatural because some of the same directors, lighting people and locations are on it. Now, if only they would employ the crisp white shirts and caring discipline of AD Walter S. Skinner...

He would add some much-needed cleanliness to the show. :D

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