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You can call me Hal.

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Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love
My favourite Japanese word is Koushien. But my second favourite is henshin.

Best Kamen Rider movie I've seen yet. Actually, I think I'll come out and say that Kabuto has edged Blade out from the number one spot in my affections. (Kagami/Tendou is still second to Takumi/Kiba though.)

I didn't take any caps of him, but Oda was wicked awesome. (And wicked hot.) I didn't much care for the other new riders, though. So good to see Yaguruma again. I missed Kageyama, but there was one scene in Zect HQ where Yaguruma was clearly checking out some guy's ass, so I've been assuming that was Kageyama. :D

The fights were amazing. Just amazing. Everything was so shiny. And I will never, ever get over Tendou's phallic motorcycle.

I was so happy to see Kagami and Hiyori involved. Tendou/Kagami/Hiyori is my Luke/Han/Leia OT3 of tender love. I'm not sure I quite figured out the overall plot, but possibly that was because we were almost dead from flailing as we watched. When I watch the director's cut, I'll pay more attention.

I loved how the ending made this more a prequel than an AU! Now I want to start the series all over again.

More caps:

Tendou is the epitome of cool, as always. Maybe he'll meet Sendoh at the end of the dock. (And check out my inconsistant romanization! It all comes down to what the subbers use, really.)

And this is where I clutched my chest and almost started to cry. This was just for me, I know it. ♥♥♥


Your fight is my fight.

Oh, look at them, so in love. One million little hearts would not be enough to express the way I feel.

And one more reason to believe they love us and they are reading our LJs:

I really need a raw to cap that properly. The karaoke gets in the way.

Now, to watch it again.

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HAHAHA okay the second from the last cap suggests the guy in black is REALLY HAPPY to be with the guy in white, amirite.

I'm not quite sure if that's his package or just an artifact in the JPEG. :D Either way, Kagami loooooooooooves Tendou.

ROTFL you beat me to posting the Juka cap! I took that same exact one.

Tell me what's different from one version to the other when you get a chance. I've got a long weekend so I actually might manage to watch again shortly.

omg so much random kagami shirt flinging love. And the Tendou belt explanation fills me with more love the more that I think about it.

Oh, Juka! I wish there were a version of that scene without credits.

I'll let you know once I watch the director's cut. I don't think it's all *that* different, judging by the discussion thread.

The shirt flinging was fist-bitingly good. I love the whole black/white thing Kagami and Tendou have going on in both those caps.

Kagami is so hot. How will I deal? He's supposed to be my adorable step-son, not my step-son whom I lust after. :D

I really need to check this out sometime, if only to know what you are talking about. :)

the boy on the dock was a lovely cap though.

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