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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)

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I don't think I'll ever get over them.

sometimes I undersand the feeling.

It's one of those days.

This, this is why I believe in this pairing. There's want, here. There's stern, forbidding self-denial. Break, Tezuka. Turn around and let him love you with his eyes.

What an eerie time for REO Speedwagon to come on the radio!

So eerie!

(Love that icon.)

*cannot relate with any of the above*

Ryoma just wants to beat Tezuka with his tennis and Tezuka is thinking of nachos. Or Atobe. Or Kite. Or Horio. :D

why would he be thinking of nachos? do the japanese have nachos in their convience stores? they must. I mean they have hot pockets.

oh god yes, hal, one million times yes. ♥

Aren't they just. I'll never be over them.

This post makes me inexplicably happy and sigh-y.

That's just how I feel. ♥

TOGETHER FOR THE SUNRISE. *_______* Ah, I love them. Ryoma just looks so unsure.

YES. Instant Desktop Background anyone?

Those two made me get off my ass and start playing a SPORT. ME. Dear Lord.

It's been these two for me from beginning to end. Not that this is the end. :D

I did some moody stuff to the cap too:

Their love is so canon...

I would tend to agree. :)

(Deleted comment)
There's always so much there with these two. Ryoma is great here.

*_* That just makes me so happy


I love that it's been a while since I've checked LJ and on the first page of the flist is this. XDXD

Oh, that's great! I wish I had more to say about these two, but mostly I just think about them.

Oh yes. My PoT OTP in all its angsty, competitive, beautiful, divine glory. You're my hero. I love them SO MUCH.

It's all right there, isn't it? How I love them.

My OTP *.*
I've never been as taken with a pairing as I am with them, and I come from the HP fandom and Remus/Sirius =P

Beautiful tennis prodigies, they can say so much with so little *sigh*
Just let the love take its course Tezuka, don't deny it... don't fight it.

I friended you. Is it ok?

They are one of the two pairings that I shipped when I started watching PoT, before I ventured out into the fandom. (The other is InuKai.) And they are still one of my top pairings of all time. They are just so beautiful. :)

And friending is always fine. :) Glad to have you aboard!

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