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InuKai + Hal = OTP

Lots of great stuff -- art, fic, discussion, links, etc -- got posted at disutansu's InuKai Love Post. Including an InuKai PROM pic by huabot. Prom! You can imagine how happy that made me. :)

I pretty much embarrassed myself by flailing over everything there and posting several things myself. Here's the fic snippet that I wrote. It's, um, a little fluffy. Better get a cup of coffee to cut the sweetness.

Power Nap by Hal
InuKai, 800 words, PG

"Inui-senpai, the rest of the group is--" The lights were on but Inui was asleep, sprawled on top of his bed. Kaidoh closed the door softly and turned off the lights. Enough sun strained through the curtains that he could see Inui's notebook crumpled under his arm.

It was still three hours until curfew. Their group was playing cards in one of the rec rooms, but Kaidoh thought would use the weight room instead. After he rescued Inui's notebook.

Kaidoh crept over to the bed and tugged carefully on the notebook, easing it from under Inui's forearm. Inui shifted and Kaidoh froze. When Inui didn't wake up, Kaidoh slid the book the rest of the way. He set it on the bedside table, smoothing out the cover. He couldn't see Inui's pen. After two days, Inui's side of the room was untidy and Kaidoh itched to clean it up.

Inui snorted and Kaidoh looked down at him. He was still asleep, with a sheen of sweat on his forehead and his glasses twisted half off his face. The room was stuffy and Kaidoh wondered if he should open the window. But the air wouldn't cool down for hours yet.

He should go. But he'd never seen Inui like this before, relaxed and quiet, like someone had taken his batteries out to recharge them. It made Kaidoh feel relaxed and quiet too. It made him want to touch Inui's cheek. But he wouldn't. Even if Inui would never know.

They had been getting closer lately, in a way that made Kaidoh nervous and happy at the same time, and when they were assigned to room together at the selection camp, Kaidoh had been even more nervous and even more happy. But nothing much had happened and Kaidoh was starting to wonder if it was all on his side.

Which made it wrong to stand here and watch Inui sleep, like Kaidoh was a stalker or something. But Inui's glasses could break if he rolled on them funny. Just that, and then Kaidoh would leave. He reached out with both hands and took hold of the frames. He pulled them off slowly, holding his breath. There was a red mark on the bridge of Inui's nose. Kaidoh put the glasses down carefully and turned to go.

Inui grabbed his arm. Kaidoh jumped.

"Kaidoh," Inui said, his voice and his eyes blurry with sleep. "C'mere."

"I'm sorry," Kaidoh said. "I didn't mean--"

Inui pulled on Kaidoh. Kaidoh lost his balance. Inui dragged him down onto the bed. Kaidoh tried to get his bearings but before he could scramble off again, Inui curled up around him, his chest against Kaidoh's back and his arm around Kaidoh's waist.

"Senpai, what--" They were pressed together from shoulders to shins, nested like bowls stacked in a cupboard. "Senpai?" Inui didn't answer. Kaidoh could feel Inui's slow hot breath on his neck. His body was soft and heavy against Kaidoh, still recharging.

Kaidoh lay there, more nervous and happy than ever, and did nothing because he didn't know what else to do. His whole skin felt sensitive, like he was sunburned. His heart slammed against his ribs, he was so hot he almost couldn't breathe, he was in turbo mode and his batteries weren't going to last for half an hour.

Inui threw his leg over Kaidoh's thigh.

Fifteen minutes, max.


When Kaidoh opened his eyes, Inui was looking down at him. "You're cute when you're sleeping."

Kaidoh scowled. This was so embarrassing. "Don't say stupid things," he muttered.

"I think I drooled on your hair," Inui said. "Sorry." He rolled off the other side of the bed and sat with his back to Kaidoh. "Kaidoh, did I..." Inui's shoulders tensed. "Sorry," he said, in a voice so low Kaidoh could hardly hear it. "It's too hot to sleep together."

Kaidoh touched the back of his head. It was damp. "I don't mind," he said.


"It's hot." Kaidoh took a breath and rested his hand on Inui's back, flat between his shoulder-blades. "But I don't mind." Inui didn't move and Kaidoh knew he'd done the wrong thing. He dropped his hand. "I'm sorry, I'll--"

Inui swung around. "Really?" he said. He put his hand over Kaidoh's.

Kaidoh's heart was back on turbo. Slowly, he turned his hand so their palms were together. His hand was sweating and he thought Inui's was too. "Really."

Inui smiled and squeezed Kaidoh's hand and Kaidoh was so nervous and happy that he thought he might die.

"Come on," Inui said. "There's time for a bath before curfew."
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