Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

It's a beautiful day.

The weather is nice. I had lunch at the pub and drank a stout and read An Anthropologist on Mars. I got paid for two outstanding invoices. I ate some cheese.

I watched the Oofuri 7 raw and loved on Abe and Mihashi and Tajima and Kanou. I made a D&D character. I listened to Te no Naka ni Sekai wo Tsutsumu Michi Futatsu Kousa Suru Uta. I drank coffee.

I sat in my chair and closed my eyes. I went to the library. I kissed my sweetie. I thought about things that I'm going to write. I thought about Kamen Rider 555. I read Slashdot.

I'm going to eat a steak. I'm going to see some friends. I'm going to sleep and in the morning I'll have coffee again.

It's the glorious 25th of May. How do they rise up?
Tags: cat pictures, i like robots better than you
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