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You can call me Hal.

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It's this.
tezuryo silence
it's not about tennis

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It was never about tennis.

That's what Tezuka saw when he played Ryoma. And Sanada saw the same thing. Genius 231-232. I always forget, because it wasn't in the anime.

My first thought was... Samurai Deeper Kyo? XD;;

Konomi really can't draw legs, can he?

The sword's nice, though.

Hitokiri Battousai on a tennis court???

Hehe...oh, I knew that.

But it does look like Kenshin...kinda...

(Deleted comment)
The best he's done to date is get a point from him. I kind of don't think we'll see it in the manga, but he'll probably be further down that path by the end.

Echizen's gonna be a helluva hunk when he's all done with puberty. *approves*

Genius 232. I always forget that it was there.

Dude...for a minute there, I thought that was Renji from Bleach. XDDDD I was all, "WHAT THE HELL'S HE DOING PLAYING TENNIS??"

...I - I find it so hard to imagine Ryoma with long hair even when it is there *stares* oh well, this is still pretty!

OMFG it's Renji playing tennis!

... Was my immediate reaction.

Then it was wait. Where are his tatoos?


Ryouma is definitely A++ material when he grows up.


And then some. ZOMG. Yeah. Here we have the reason why Tezuka is willing to do anything to make Ryoma grow. Hell, I'd do it.


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