Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Public service announcements

If you're a Pervy Dwarf Fancier (and I know I am) why not sign up for the LotR Dwarf Fuh-Q-Fest? The world needs more dwarf-on-dwarf and dwarf-on-anyone-else action.

bonibaru sweated (or perhaps "perspired") blood to get the Narnia Fanfiction Archive up, so you owe it to her to go check it out.

If you have any Narnia fic, then go archive it. If you know someone who has some, then jab them until they archive it. Else, write some yourself. It's fun! And educational! What's one more cherished childhood memory? Slash, het, or gen -- it's all up to you.

I'd love to see some fic about:

  • Eustace/Rilian
  • Something about centaurs -- they fascinate me
  • Caspian/Drinian
  • Adventures of the four kings and queens -- lots of scope there
  • Anything that gets inside Peter's head
  • Something desperately kinky about Tirian and Jewel. Maybe I should do that one myself.
  • School stories about any of the kids

Hmm, what else?

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