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You can call me Hal.

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Did you miss me?
I guess I was on unplanned fandom hiatus for about a week, all told. I was going to try to catch up with LJ today, but I'm just not going to make it back that far. I was busy with some life stuff and also making merry with my girls laurashapiro & kestrelsan. They are the grooviest and we had a fabulous time. :)

Birthdays I missed: kormantic & goldie! Sorry, sweeties! Love and apologies to you. Also, I missed Inui and Yanagi's birthdays. I have no fic to make up for this. Hell, I didn't even send my Sadaharu & Renji Sims out on a Dream Date. I am a Bad Fan.

I bought some eq so I can start doing some weight training. I have Smart Girls Do Dumbells, which looks like a good place to start. Have you used it before? Any advice about weight training in general? I have some neoprene weights (I'll start with 2 lbs), gloves, a mat, and a mirror to scope myself out in. No stretchy workout clothes though. I'm hoping my pyjamas will do for now.

How many chances do you give a spider before you send it to spider heaven? A rather long-legged spider was crawling over the table beside my recliner today as I was marathoning South Park S7. I let it be, as I am a gentle soul. (Also, I'm afraid of spiders.) It disappeared and I hoped it had gone to seek a better life somewhere, to make a name for itself in the big city. Later on, I was back in my chair, still absorbed in the delightful adventures of Butters and Cartman (and those other guys they hang around with), when the FRACKING SPIDER CRAWLED ON MY ARM. I screamed in a way that should have made my neighbours call 911 (callous bastards) and somehow managed to beat the spider off my arm and scramble out of my recliner without dropping my laptop. Still, I did not try to kill the spider, feeling that it must now understand that it was unwelcome and would take the hint and move along to terrorize someone else, like maybe those uncaring neighbours. To give it time to reflect, I went out to the mall. But when I got back, the spider was on the arm of my chair. Clearly, the spider was trying to steal my identity and take over my fabulous life. So I got a flyswatter and killed it.

Now it's raining.

to you. Yes, you.

A spider crawled on my arm yesterday afternoon! I flailed a little and flicked it off, but I restrained myself from screaming, as I was in public at a bus stop. :/ I'm not fond of spiders either.

But good job with the killing! I feel like you were plenty generous with it!

♥ to you too. :D

I hate when that happens in public! I always think I must look like a crazy person. Glad you weren't actually on the bus -- much harder in an enclosed space.

I think you gave that spider plenty of chances -- you were most justified in killing it. My first reaction upon seeing a spider is usually to grab my handy-dandy Swiffer broom and squish it. (If approached by an insect in public, where I cannot access my Swiffer broom, I generally wave my arms around wildly. I wonder what the people around me think.)

I usually scream for my partner but he wasn't home at the time and I'll only call him home from work for giant moth attacks. I'm embarassed that I can't deal myself, but not embarassed enough not to call. :D

I tried to get my roomie's boyfriend to kill a flying insect - he missed. So later on I got one of my big plastic covered books and threw it.

Of course there had to be another flying bug that sat on me when I was in bed. So I screamed, and FINALLY found my fly swatter.

Oh summer, how you destroy one's peace of mind.

Other than that? Much ♥

P.S - I have comments that were supposed to be replied to like for *weeks* - such as when you offered to send over Slam Dunk and I'd totally love that, and could send the money for shipping via paypal XD Yes, total procrastinator.

There aren't too many bugs where I live, for which I'm grateful. I wonder why we find them so freaky, though. Maybe some evolutionary thing about avoiding being poisoned.

Email me re Slam Dunk and we'll get that going. :)

*snorts* Spiders get no mercy. None. I see them, they die. Because I am a heartless cold spiderhating bitch that way.

I'm like that with wasps, but other lifeforms I like to give a bit of a chance. Wasps are chaotic evil but I figure spiders are probably true neutral.

(Deleted comment)
If I'm writing a story and it's making me really frustrated, I sometimes just type "And Inui capped himself. The end." and close the file. Even if Inui isn't in the story.

That spider def had it coming I would say.

It's raining here as well. Which is good, because we need it, bad because today was supposed to be a barbecue.

And uh have you read the manga series, Mr Fullswing? Sports series, baseball! completely het - completely not. Very crude and cracky and `well one moment their spying on the girls bathroom the next their jumping on each other in suggestive poses and serenading one another. In 19 chapters the teams only just been assembled, but you've have crazy rivalries, insane shows of strength, the coach showing that he values creativity, the ability to work under pressure and teamwork. Wouldn't say it's must read, but I thought it was enjoyable (though the humour is a bit more crude than what I prefer) and well I know you love sports series which is why I thought I'd mention it to you.

I haven't seen Mr Fullswing so far -- I'll have to check it out! I've just been following H2 & Oofuri (and Major, a bit) so far. Thanks for letting me know about it. :)

Never be fooled! Spiders do not think like you and I. They are fed on scraps of The Prince and Art of War from BIRTH. All they want from life is a chunk of slow moving human flesh on they can perform their perverted arachnid rituals and like a strange man in a bar with whom you've accidentally made eye contact, any non-lethal interaction is taken as an invitation to sweet sweet lovin'.

I'm sure you're right. And next time I go to the bar, I'm going to bring my flyswatter!

But how do we know you are not in fact the spider, posting after taking over Hal's life while Hal was on fandom hiatus???

That's a good question. You'll just have to trust me.


I am in turmoil of schooling, but I guess we simply need to wait and see who has the better offer, ne?

Unplanned hiatus' are excellent. I do them every so often but then end up posting something stupid half way through. so really more ignoring my flist and not a hiatus.
I so knew you wanted me.

Turmoil is not fun but schooling is. I wish you less of the former and more of the latter.

Hiatus was really nice. It was like a vacation from my brain. Or for my brain. Or something.

I do. I so do. *licks you*

That's two more chances than I would have given it. 'Scuse, please, I have to SCREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAM!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!!!

I'm okay until they actualy touch me and then I freak. I just hope it was working alone.

Very justified. I have to say, that ever since a Huntsman spider landed on me in shower, I have grown more harsh in my decisions on spiders. *shivers* Once is enough!

Heh, Butters and Cartman ♥

Oh my god that thing is enormous and horrifying.

Butterpoofs 4eva!

I traditionally collect stray spiders in a glass and set them free outside, but I encounter invading spiders infrequently enough that I can actually be arsed to do that when I do see them.

I would do that too if I weren't afraid they would get out and SUCK OUT MY BRAINS. Or, you know, crawl on my arm.

I still think it's hilarious that you're afraid of bugs. (: I say it with love.

I miss you already! Are we chatting tomorrow? I can do a quick one, but I have to deal with the 'rents, too.

I'm not proud of my fear. But not ashamed either. :)

I miss you too! I'm fine to chat, but if you need the time to yourself, that's okay. In fact, if necessary, you could *say* you have to chat with me and just lock yourself in your room and decompress. :D

I think you gave the spider every chance -- clearly it's either a very dim spider, in which case you're doing the spider population a favor by removing it from their gene pool, or its intentions were nefarious, in which case: good job for getting it before it could get you.

Of course it could have been trying to relay a message. Something like: "Help! Trapped in spider body!" Or: "Rampaging centipede taking out half of spider population! Traveled many days in search of assistance!" In which case killing it might not have been the best thing for your karma points.

*hugs* It already feels weird to be back in Baltimore! I might have people here to eat cheese and drink beer with, but no one to watch Trailer Park Boys with :(. And the cheese eating and beer drinking aren't as much fun without you, either.

Who do you suppose it was trapped in spider-form? Probably somebody I didn't like anyhow.

Cheese and beer are empty and meaningless now that you're gone. I manage to choke them down, but it's hollow, all hollow. Tailer Park Boys still has meaning, though. :D

Come and live here! There are lots of places we didn't go drinking yet.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the link -- that looks like a really useful site! I don't think I can start with five pounds, but three might be do-able.