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You can call me Hal.

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Stay awake.
You: fandom, pairing, prompt

Me: one line of fic

Naruto, as you please, and Staying awake.

You have to give me a pairing -- otherwise it's too much work for my brain. :D

Oofuri! Pairing of your whim. Pull.

The pairing must be your whim! My whim is not working tonight.

(Deleted comment)
"That's how to oil your glove properly," Abe says and Mihashi holds the mitt in both hands, smelling the lanolin and not quite looking up at Abe.

Tenipuri. Yukimura & Sanada. Sky.

Sanada doesn't quite get it, this lying in the grass and staring up into the sky, but he does his best to see pictures in the sparse white clouds, even though all he can think about is Yukimura's lazy hand on his arm.

Everyone is too accommodating. We are uke to your seme because you have what we need. ♥

Prince of Tennis, Tezuka/Fuji, bondage... (I have issues...or underfed kinks...same dif..)

Fuji watched Tezuka's fingers as he tied the knots, pulling the rope snug around Fuji's wrists, so neat and deft that Fuji knew he must have practised and Fuji wondered what he'd thought about while he did.

Inui/Tezuka, π. Or pie. Better yet, both. ...no, that needs more than one line. Hold that thought, and just pick one. ;)

The scribbles on Inui's wall were blurred and Tezuka only just caught his own name scrawled on the second-biggest section of a pie chart before Inui pulled him back and kissed him so thoroughly that Tezuka forgot to look at what else was written there.

Prince of Tennis. Kaidoh/Tezuka. Observation.

Kaidoh isn't looking at Tezuka, he isn't looking, he doesn't care, and then he looks and Tezuka isn't looking at Kaidoh either and Kaidoh runs to the sinks and holds his head under the tap for nearly a minute.

Angel, gen, after the end.


GW, 3x4, circus. >:P

Well, I can't really condense my "Wesley is rescued by SG-1, revived in a sarcophagus, and then sent to teach at Hogwarts at which point he falls in love with me and we get married" theory into one line of fic, so GW it is. :D

"Do you make people laugh?" Quatre says, looking at the outfit hanging on the wall, Trowa's shadow falling on it, and when Trowa says, "Yes", Quatre knows it can't be true.

X-Files, M/Sk, hurt/comfort

"I swear," Mulder said, "I was in a rogue stapler accident and your place was closer than mine," and Skinner sighed, got out the disinfectant, and wondered if he should just give Mulder a key.

Slam Dunk, Sakuragi/Maki, pie.

And, since I didn't notice someone ELSE had done "pie", my second prompt is "gym socks". But only if you don't wish to write about pie twice.

BSG. Boomer-Tyrol. Cards.

"The hand is mine," Boomer says, raking in the cash, and Tyrol can't help thinking that it always was.

Tenipui, tezuka/ryoma/fuji, swimming

Ryoma grabs Tezuka around the waist and pulls him down, under the water, where their hair waves around their heads like seaweed, and Fuji lies on the surface, limbs spread under the sun, waiting for his turn.

pot. kaido with karupin. "we need to talk"

(Deleted comment)

Re: LOTR, Pippin/Merry, mending

"You were supposed to be sticking the jug," Merry said for the fourteenth time, testing if Pippin's hand was still fast to Merry's cheek and thinking that it was rather nice, really.