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You can call me Hal.

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Oofuri 10 raw

Oh, Tajima! Oh, Mihashi!

Hanai pitching to Tajima. They are SO married. And Tajima and Mihashi are so going to have an affair.

Hanai is captain! I completely said he was going to be the hottest and this proves it.

And Mihashi's birthday. God, I SO want to write fic about this episode but I'll have to wait until it's subbed because I had no idea what was going on. Except for when Abe told Mihashi he'd be his catcher for three years.

This episode completely melted me. Completely. They couldn't be any sweeter, any of them.

This episode killed me so much. I don't even know where to begin. I just. a;lskdjgadsjgh

Hm, I may have to make myself not talk about Oofuri, or something. I can't quite be coherent about it, you know?

For serious! I wish I could be calm and intelligent and discuss the episodes. But I'm a hair away from keysmashing and capslock all the damn time. It's all I can do not to just post 1000 hearts.

I just wanted to use this icon.



Tajima and Mihashi remind me a lot of Kazuhiro and Kei-chan (minus Asakawa's cheerful, er, friendliness). ♥

I so see that Tajima/Mihashi affair. It has loads of canon base.

The birthday-study party was something that left me floating in warmth for a while after reading it in the manga for the first time.

It is the kind of tender details that are missed or used only as crack-source in usual shonen/sports series.

I think one of the best assets of Oofuri is that it deploys tenderness just for the sake of it, while keeping a sports plot line. Like involving the mothers in a realistic way? Where do you see that? OK, I haven't read much of sports manga aside from several classics, but here there are thousands of little details that are not really necessary but which add so much more to the picture without making it look a random collage, and I must praise the author for managing it, and still staying on the verge of self-doujinshi ;D

There is so much sweetness in the series -- it makes me smile a ridiculous amount. It does feel very well-rounded, in a near-realistic way. There were flashes of that in Slam Dunk too, though never enough.

Damn it, where are the subbed episodes? I'm in withdrawl and now, since you flaunt the joy of Oofuri in my face, I may brave the RAWs >__<

BTW know any place with screencaps? I'm doing anime icons right now and could work in some from Oofuri ones too...

Hrm, screencaps. Try the comms and Seleria's blog: http://scrumptious.animeblogger.net/

*whine* *wants* *stamps foot*

Oh, Oofuri~! ♥

Oh, yes! I can't get enough.

So very true. I'm not taking TajiMiha up to the romantic level, but I love the relationship they have. Dorks United, ha ha. <3 much.

They are both such airheads -- perfect for some random groping here and there. :D

I just watched the first 3 episodes and all I can say is that this series is charming the pants of me. I need to go read the manga and find the raw episodes!! Thay are all so terribly adorable!

Isn't it just the sweetest thing? I can't stop smiling.

I just finished reading all of the scanlated manga yesterday, and omg, I need more! More anime or manga (or y'know, better yet, BOTH)! *flails*

Even though the slash is so blatant, I don't think I fully ship any of the characters together yet, but I do find their interactions to be absolutely adorable (I am convinced that Abe has control issues!). ♥

I know! I wish we had it all right away.

I have a bunch of ships so far and half of them involve Mihashi. :D

Why is Entropy listing the Oofuri anime project as "trashed"? They're still doing the manga, apparently, but they seem to have broken up the joint with Saizen. The Saizen website doesn't say anything about it; they still list the project as a joint. *is puzzled*

Still, perhaps it'll mean faster subs once Saizen catches up with the backlog? Coordinating with another group must take a lot of time.

Also, my favourite scene is probably Tajima trying to draw a "2" on Abe to cheer up Mihashi and Abe having none of it. Oh, these boys. ♥

No idea -- I hope Saizen will be continuing with it. :(

Tajima is airhead love.

(Deleted comment)
Here are some more episodes if people are looking for them. I wasn't sure where to post these but I figured this was as good a place as any. I'm going to upload episode 10 soon.

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Oh, thanks for these! I've been putting downloads on the Oofuri recommendation post but I'm behind a few, so I'll add these links for the raws I've missed.

Sorry for the off-topicness, but goldie suggested we might get on well as LJ friends. Is it all right if I add you?

Oh, that's cool! It's always fine to add me. I've been a little quiet lately; RL is busy and I haven't been able to keep up with LJ as I should, but I'm hoping that I'll get back into the swing soon.

Shit. Damn subs. I've only watched 'til 4 ;_____;

Episode 11 is out! I downloaded it yesterday and I'll be uploading it to megaupload soon.