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You can call me Hal.

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slam dunk
»    Anybody got any good Fujima/Hanagata? I'm having such a craving and ff.n is not my friend.

»    Doctor Who: Utopia. !!!

»    Lately, I can't stop thinking about Inui. Everything I want to write involves him in some way. But really, I just wish he were real so he could be my friend.

»    I'm drinking way too much coffee.

»    Your search - elan/roy slash - did not match any documents.

»    I still like cheese.

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Inui=very good things. Although, I somehow ended up agreeing to write Inuikai femmeslash...>.>, yeah. I find myself in weird places. D:

You're in a real genderswitch phase these days!

Heh. I went to Mandarake in Ikebukuro on Friday and they had this girl working there who was cosplaying as Inui. She was SO HOT, I nearly propositioned her right there and then. *________*

Oh god, I think I would have too.

So will there be any elan/roy? :P Because seriously, now you've mentioned it, that would be hilarious :D

Hee! I want someone else to do the hard work on this one so I can just read it.

If you have too many Inui thoughts, could you please give your spare ones to me. I don't have any anymore, and it makes me sad. :(

I do this thing where I think I should post about my character thoughts and I start planning out what I'm going to say and then I decide I should leave them for fic instead.

But this time around it's more that we have an open spot in our D&D game and I think Inui would be perfect to fill it. :D

Hehe, this reminds me of something I thought might tickle you -- in FMA, the book called Introduction to Alchemy:

The text they used appears to be a review of some sort of D&D type game, if the mentions of a d20 and NPCs are what I think they are :)

the circles around the squares give an illusion that the bigger square is curved.. could be an example for distorting illusions *whacks inner geek self*

Who's Elan?

Forgot all the little FMA details.

Not FMA Roy, so no forgetting is taking place. :)

am taking a break and eating toast with Beemster for lunch. You'd like it. It's sharper than Old Amsterdamer.


yes. excellant eppy. excellant.
I may watch it again tonight while the mate goes to class.

I had a dream last night that kaalee became obsessed with Kaidoh's ankles and kept pinging me about it.

Does your mate watch DW too? Mine does so I mostly discuss the eps with him and then don't post about them.

I thought everyone was obsessed with Kaidoh's ankles.

He does. But he is not much for discussion

hahahahaha, well those of us in the know are!

Lately, I can't stop thinking about Inui.

And all is right with the world! *grins*

Also, Oofuri is the cutest thing and it can't be subbed fast enough for me. This is definitely one of the times that I wish I understood Japanese, despite the fact that there are episode summaries out there.

Sometimes I have dreams about Inui where he's my high school boyfriend. Kaidoh is my sweet baby forever, but Inui is the one I'd like to date.

Oofuri is so sweet, it flusters me. It's the first thing to make me watch raws since PoT.

Elan/Roy! Why have I never thought of it before! You are a genius.

It seems like such a natural pairing!

Utopia made me squeeful in many ways.

I like you discuss all developments with the other half, we disagree on every single thing but it focuses the thoughts.

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