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So, I'm back. And I read the book.


Percy ♥♥♥

Neville ♥♥♥

50% less adverbs ♥♥♥

Otherwise, I was underwhelmed. It felt like a mess of exposition and running around, without a coherent plot, and even the running around took a long time to get going. The ending was unsatisfying, with Harry playing the Aslan "Get Out Of Death Free" card. (It should have been over when Neville killed Nagini. That would have been a scene to go out on.) And Marcus Flint did not show up to play dominance games with Oliver Wood.

Dumbledore and the book in general really hammered home that the good of the many shouldn't outweigh the good of the few. That kind of thinking was almost Dumbledore's fatal flaw. Good thing he learned his lesson in time. And that lesson is: outsourcing.

In actuality, the good of the many does outweigh the good of the few. But it's not "good" or "heroic" to act on that. So Dumbledore outsources that function to Snape. Snape is the one who has to watch good people die and not try to save them. Snape is the one who has to allow Death Eaters to torture students at Hogwarts. He does the dirty work so Dumbledore and Harry can keep their hands clean.

Which, actually, is fairly admirable and I think Harry realises just how much. But I don't think Snape had much of a choice in the matter. I was really rooting for him to be actually evil as the book went on.

There were bright spots in the book, certainly: Luna, darling girl; Viktor Krum; Molly vs Bellatrix; beautiful bespectacled Percy; Harry using Draco's wand; Kingsley kicking so much ass; Dumbledore/Grindelwald; the chariot race (okay, I guess that was Ben Hur). I don't know. I wish I'd liked it more.

And if Dudley Dursley's son had shown up to board the Hogwarts Express in the epilogue, I would have cried with happiness.

Now to catch up with a month of Prince of Tennis...
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