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You can call me Hal.

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One day I will have a Robot 1-X too.
Does anybody have Genius 350? I have 349 & 351 but I couldn't find 350 on tenipuri.

I've been away from LJ for about a month due to being busy and cranky and such. I was actually ready to come back a week and a half ago, but then it was getting on to HP7 and I'd just have had to go offline again. So I wrote fic played the Sims instead.

A few days ago, I wasn't sleeping very well and I had a bunch of short dreams, the kind that smack you in the face with heavy-handed symbolism. Like the one where I was trying to swim to shore and not get swept away by the current. Or the one where my dad bought me a car but insisted on driving all the time. Or the one where Sam was hitting on me in a bar. (Okay, that's not all that symbolic, but why is it never Dean? Why?)

And then I dreamed that I was getting ready to go to a D&D con and while I was out and about, I saw Inui, who was one of my geek friends, and I knew he wasn't going to the con. I greeted him and he didn't say a word. I was so sad, before and after I woke up. Don't ignore me, Inui, please! I promise I'll finish most of my WIPs about you eventually.

In other news, I have been drinking gin martinis like a fish that's a lush and they are perfectly agreeable with my constitution, unlike beer. I even bought myself a cute little cocktail shaker so I could have them at home.

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♥! Have a cookie:

"Naruto's head might be thicker than this bench," Shino said, dusting off his hands, "but he at least had the sense to apologize to Hinata."

"Yeah, I guess." Kiba looked away and rubbed his palms on his pants to get rid of the last grains of rice.

"I'm going bug-catching, then." Shino gave Kiba a little bow that only involved his head, and Kiba knew despite the sunglasses that Shino was watching him the whole time, because it felt like little bugs were crawling up his arms.

He really hoped there weren't actually little bugs crawling up his arms, but after being teamed up with Shino for all this time, knew better than to look.

Also, i just got through the episode where Shino laughs, and it was hilarious and terrifying at the same time, and also he reminds me heavily of Inui.

♥♥♥ That's awesome. :) And Shino is SO my underage ninja boyfriend.

Speaking of the Sims, did you see the comment I left you about the Oofuri Sims? (Not that I am concerned with whether you reply to said comment, only whether you have seen them. Though I think that they are all children, which makes me even sadder than seeing super-pretty LotR Sims and then realizing that Gimli and all the hobbits are children.)

I think I must have missed it -- I'll go back and check. I've been playing my Data Pair sims and they are so funny. I made them as children and they were cute as bugs. They transitioned to a rather awkward adolescence and then an odd college age. They're adults now and, frankly, not that attractive. It's charming. :)

Ah, I'd forgotten whether you had TS2 also. The Oofuri ones are for TS1.

I have some good hair for an Inui Sim in TS2 but not so much Yanagi. I should do something about that, because they WOULD be cute as bugs. :)

(Deleted comment)
I hate stress dreams. Like we're not stressed enough when we're awake! When I was in uni, I used to have anxiety dreams about not being able to tell the Latin gerund from the gerundive.

Good luck with your teaching!

The images under the link.

Inui felt embarrassed to be your pal because you were going to D&D con, he obviously is more Rolemaster kind of guy.

Thank you!

I just bet he is. Hmm...

Oh, symbolic dreams are the worst. I used to have this one where I was swimming in the Olympics and going so unbelievably slowly, but in that unnatural slo-mo way, the clock flipping agonizingly over, not in the not-good-enough way, like something was almost physically holdng my arms and time and the very air back, and then I realized that, while everyone else's lanes had water, mine had molasses. :( Is it just me or does that kind of dream only seem to repeat whatever your problem is (like, oh thanks, I hadn't noticed my fear of falling behnd, thank you for pointing it out for the forty-first time, Mr Sandman) rather than offer solutions? And then the rest of the time they're just utterly confusing, as in the other recurring dream I used to have that featured this guy who was like a cross between Neo and Draco, and we spoke in German to each other in this cafe all afternoon.

You know, you do actually seem like Sam's type to me. Smart and in-control and kind of... inaccessible. A cipher. sdlgkj that sounds really bad, it wasn't like that in my head. :(

I am glad you are not dead. That is honestly what I think about when people go away. Tonight my sister and her boyfriend went to a movie without telling anyone and I seriously spent three hours imagining that they and any and all identfying marks had burned away in the fireball of an explosion that occurred when they smashed into a guardrail and that's why nobody was calling us to tell us they were dead.

like a fish that's a lush

I have missed your similes.

I think I've had dreams help me work out solutions to problems, but not so much "life" problems as "idea" problems. If that was at all coherent. They are more likely to cause problems, I find, like when I dreamed that my partner yelled at me because we had no clean spoons. He would never actually do that but I've felt resentful about it every time I've looked at a spoon since.

Not dead, just busy and not getting enough introvert time. I've got a new job, after a year of working part-time and out of my home, and it's been a difficult transition with time and energy. (I like the job, though.) Also, I've been reading and reading, like I can't get enough books into my head.

Sam's type, eh? Maybe so. Actually, it was Ash who stole my heart away. I cannot resist a man with a mullet.

I would just like to point out my amusement at our defaults, with which we have commented to each other. Yours says Hal. Er, I am sure you were already aware of that. But. The contrast is amusing to me, though maybe that is because it is six in the morning.

aldksgja;lg don't even get me started on mullets. My latest fantasy involves marrying Billy Ray Cyrus, ever since I saw him on Dancng With the Stars. Although he does not have a mullet anymore, alas; more this sort of... idk, southern-boy floppy hair that hipsters like to affect, only he's really not hip so it's kind of funny and adorable. I keep calling him a "gentleman hick"; you could see him painfully counting and working out the steps as he danced, and trying to calm his fiery Eastern European partner, he was just the sweetest thing in the world.

I am glad to hear about the job! Nice to get them, and even better when they turn out alright :) Also, do you have any recommendations from said books? I would offer recommendations in return, but all I've been reading lately are the MacDonald Hall books and you've already read those.

I feel someone should stop me before I make some sort of joke insinuating the nonexistence of said spoon...


Hmmm, the people who equate online silence to RL death never cease to amaze me. (usually the opposite. Quiet online, happy full life offline) The worst are those kids who think, with my dying breath I'll reach for my laptop and OMG delete my account before my trembling finger moves no more.

Thanks for the link-up!

I have all these plans for what should happen to my journal if I die. I should probably write them down just in case. But I'm too narcissitic to delete anything.

I see links to Genius 350 were posted ;)
If you still have problem I have it.

YAY for gin martinis!
I've been drinking Cuba Libres since last week anticipating a need for drunkness after DH... Luckily I didn't need to, but one of those in the evening is still enjoyable :P

I'm all fixed up now, thank you!

I'm fond of Cuba Libres too, but rum can really give me a headache if I'm not careful.

Proper, girl. Proper. Nothing worse than these bizzare concoctions being passed around now a-days as martini's.

Wait. U not be ded? kewl.

It's only been a month and a half and I'm already a martini snob. :)

Maybe I am dead. But as long as I'm posting, nobody will know the difference.

Martini snobs are always very sexy people.

Actually I'm leaving you a comment just for ask something... I'd like to translate some of yours short fics to portuguese.

I'm a fan of your work, a brasilian girl, and I don't know if you would like of having your fics in another language. I already translated some fics, and, well, I really really really would like to do the same with some of yours. I love the Sides, Body and Soul, Visited, Whispers, and some others. And I know that I'm not that good writing in english, but reading and doing translations is easier.


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