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Genius 352

My god, the art was terrible. More evidence for my theory that Konomi is actually dead but they're suppressing the information.

This match is not going to go down in Best Moments in Sports Manga history. Also, Tezuka's announcement about his pro plans is jossing the fic I'm working on.

What would be really cool: The ball is perfectly balanced on the net and will not fall. Until Atobe's helicopter shows up and blows it over to Sanada's side. Sanada is so angry, he attacks Atobe and is disqualified. Meanwhile, Momoshiro tries to convince Kaidoh that he didn't get up to anything with Atobe in the helicopter and Kaidoh tries to convince Inui that he doesn't know why Momoshiro is telling him this and Inui goes off and complains to Yanagi and they go get oolong tea from a vending machine, which is what they do instead of making out, and then Tezuka comes up and says that he's not going to Germany after all because he really wants to see how things will go for him and Inui in my fic and Inui goes off with him without even recycling the empty drink can first and Yanagi sighs the smallest possible sigh and goes back to oversee Sanada's ritual suicide.

Oh, and five years later, Inui and Kaidoh buy a cat and live happily ever after.
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