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Most of my InuKai songs are really Inui about Kaidoh or me about them. I never really found one that sounded like it was Kaidoh about Inui. Until tonight.

You might think this is a little soft for Kaidoh, but I don't. If you've read my fic, you know I don't think Kaidoh is a pushover or a meek uke. He's tough, he's determined, and he won't be pushed around.

And yet. Deep inside, I think this is him. If You Loved Me (Jann Arden).

If you loved me I’d be more sure of myself
If you loved me I’d have everything in this world I guess

If you loved me

If you loved me I would not need my drunken friends
And If you loved me my loneliness for sure would end

If you loved me

I would clench my hands
and hold my breath
and promise to be true

I would never speak
I’d hardly eat
I would not cost a cent

I would watch you sleep
and count your sheep
and lie beside the bed

I would never think
I’d pour your drink
I’d laugh at every joke you tell

If you loved me

I only want him to be unhappy for a little while, so he can be happy in the end.
Tags: can't stop thinking about you, inukai, tenipuri
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