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You can call me Hal.

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Still my OTP ♥
inukai away
Most of my InuKai songs are really Inui about Kaidoh or me about them. I never really found one that sounded like it was Kaidoh about Inui. Until tonight.

You might think this is a little soft for Kaidoh, but I don't. If you've read my fic, you know I don't think Kaidoh is a pushover or a meek uke. He's tough, he's determined, and he won't be pushed around.

And yet. Deep inside, I think this is him. If You Loved Me (Jann Arden).

If you loved me I’d be more sure of myself
If you loved me I’d have everything in this world I guess

If you loved me

If you loved me I would not need my drunken friends
And If you loved me my loneliness for sure would end

If you loved me

I would clench my hands
and hold my breath
and promise to be true

I would never speak
I’d hardly eat
I would not cost a cent

I would watch you sleep
and count your sheep
and lie beside the bed

I would never think
I’d pour your drink
I’d laugh at every joke you tell

If you loved me

I only want him to be unhappy for a little while, so he can be happy in the end.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. :)

I know! But it hurts so good.

I always seem to think that Kaidoh is softer than how he really is. *wonders if that's a bad thing* So reading the lyrics, I think I am picturing something different than you. >.>;;

*is sorry and hides*

Lovely song though! *hugs*

Hee! Everyone sees the characters a bit differently -- we all have our own lenses.

I heart Kaidoh being just a little soft in the middle. XDD Just reading the lyrics I don't think that's him all the time, but definitely at times. ♥

Just deep down, for Inui. Who is probably clueless about it. :)

It is my firm belief that all characters should have to suffer some in order to be happy, because how can you be happy if you don't know despair?



Exactly! Except I don't want Kaidoh to know despair. Just a little bit of sadness. Can we make an exception for him?

No. We cannot, I'm sorry.

But when he is hiding in his blankie fort of doom Inui can come over and just talk to him from outside the bedroom door. about logistics. and then Kaidoh will get so frustrated he will come out and hit him over the head with his pillow.

then he can be happy in about another 5000 words or 6 paragraphs, which ever comes first.

This like, makes me cry with how perfect it is for them. Seriously. Heartache. ♥ ♥ ♥

For serious! I've been listening to it and getting all woobly-faced over them. ♥

Have you ever heard the song "Comme un Boomerang"? That's the song I always attribute with them, and it's also one that I see as being sort of from Kaidoh's perspective. I can upload it if you'd like to hear it! :)

I haven't! I would love to hear it, if you have time to upload it. I love to see what songs make poeple think of them. ♥

Okay, it's uploaded here! It's obvious from the lyrics why I associate this one with Kaidoh, but really, just . . . it works for the pairing in my head, even if it's a bit abstract. Hahah. Anyway, hope you enjoy! :)

you keep commenting after me. it's kinda freaky-deaky.




. . . Maybe that means we should be friends. :D

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Jann Arden. (But I listened the song anyway. X3)

I think the lyrics, especially

If you loved me I’d be more sure of myself


I would clench my hands
and hold my breath
and promise to be true

fit Kaidoh perfectly. I know this is what he would do.

Anyway, I love that you post songs related to Inui and Kaidoh. Everytime I hear "All She Wrote", I get this wistful smile on my face and think of them. (This has happened to me at least twice while at work. XD)

I'm not a big Jann Arden fan either, but sometimes she hits it and this one really works for me.

I just feel that if Kaidoh wants something, he *really* wants it and he'll do whatever he needs to to have it. And that he probably feels inadequate, deep down inside.

Everytime I hear "All She Wrote", I get this wistful smile on my face and think of them.

That's so cool! I am not alone. :)

Eep :( The self-imposed austerity is so very Kaidoh. I bet he was the kind of kid who would make little deals with himself, little contests. Like if he could just run fast enough or hit hard enough or hold his breath and turn blue enough, he'd get what he wanted :(

Oh, I bet you're right. :( Oh, Kaidoh.

I am now imagining Kaidoh reading the story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes, and deciding he'll fold two thousand cranes, for good measure. And then it turns out that Inui has folded 2,250 cranes, and then they both get assigned laps for wasting all that paper and then as they're running they keep looking sidelong at the paper cuts on each other's fingers and that's when they realize that they were both wishing for the same thing all along. :(( And then they kiss, just as a breeze lifts the birds into flight around them...

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