Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I love this icon.

I was poking at some fic just now, in my hotel room, and there was one paragraph I thought was probably overkill. I should see how the story works without it, I said to myself and commented it out.

There was a split-second when I wondered why nothing changed. *facepalm* I'm definitely spending too much time in PHP.

Anyhow, it's not even really a story, Just four paragraphs in need of a conflict, or at least a point or punchline. Inui and Kaidoh and I feel like if I could just see through Kaidoh's eyes for five minutes, I'd know what to do and he'd be happy and I'd be happy and maybe you would too, for five minutes anyhow. But I have another game in half an hour and I'm so very, very tired.

Tell me something about Inui and Kaidoh. Anything at all. Happy, sad, sweet, bitter, warm, cold, nice, mean. Anything.
Tags: can't stop thinking about you, inukai
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