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You can call me Hal.

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I love this icon.
kaidoh hufflepuff
I was poking at some fic just now, in my hotel room, and there was one paragraph I thought was probably overkill. I should see how the story works without it, I said to myself and commented it out.

There was a split-second when I wondered why nothing changed. *facepalm* I'm definitely spending too much time in PHP.

Anyhow, it's not even really a story, Just four paragraphs in need of a conflict, or at least a point or punchline. Inui and Kaidoh and I feel like if I could just see through Kaidoh's eyes for five minutes, I'd know what to do and he'd be happy and I'd be happy and maybe you would too, for five minutes anyhow. But I have another game in half an hour and I'm so very, very tired.

Tell me something about Inui and Kaidoh. Anything at all. Happy, sad, sweet, bitter, warm, cold, nice, mean. Anything.

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Kaidoh wishes Inui weren't so clueless all the time. No matter that he knows everything.

Also, Inui without his glasses invokes the insta-wood.

Have I mentioned my love for you recently? No? Well, ♥.

I got a lotta love to give, baby.

That wasn't schmoozing - that was a true, pure love exchange.

I'll schmooze somebody later so you'll know what it really looks like. :D

I have cantaloupe to go with my bagel this morning. *excited*

I have a pot of coffee because I don't believe in food before noon.

Please feel free to mention it often as I do so enjoy wallowing in it.

Kaidoh's mom sews his name on the inside of all his bandanas. And his tennis uniform. And his school uniform. And his underwear. But not his socks because he never wears them no matter how often she asks.

Inui collects wacky socks and one day he will give them all to Kaidoh as a gift, just to see Kaidoh's reaction.

And not one of the socks match. They are all half of a pair. And while Kaidoh is confused as to why Inui would give him socks, because Inui knows better, all he can ask is why there are no pairs.

And Inui says that he has the other pairs and they can coordinate. Kaidoh points out that they would both be wearing mismatched socks and Inui counters by saying that if they spent the time together while they wore the mismatched socks, the socks would be matching in a way. And Kaidoh says that if they both just wore no socks, they would always match no matter what or where they were and then he realizes he's debating socks with Inui.

Plus, the debate somehow put them toe-to-toe, probably because it was about socks, because Kaidoh is too respectful to get up in his senpai's face like he does the idiot's. So when it's Kaidoh's turn to reply after realizing how stupid their discussion is, there's this long, awkward pause where they're standing too close together and their breathing is loud, and Inui's glasses slip down his nose and instead of just insisting again that he doesn't really need socks for tennis, Kaidoh ends up shoving Inui against the nearest vertical surface and kisses him until all the gift socks fall out of Inui's hands.

Kaidoh wants to grow taller, but doesn't think he'll grow much more than he has, already. He thinks he would be better at tennis, maybe his legs would grow as long as Inui's and he'd be able to get to the ball quicker. And maybe his arms would grow longer, too, like Inui's, so he would have better reach.

One day Inui and Kaidoh are the last ones in the changing room after practice one evening, and finally, finally, Inui pulls Kaidoh close. Kaidoh rests his head on Inui's shoulder, and Inui's mouth angles down, and then they're kissing, kissing, and suddenly Kaidoh wants nothing more than to stay exactly as he is right now.

/* I can't believe you did that */

Hahahahaha sorry.

It's still early I have no brain for Inui and Kaidoh but the commenting thing is hilarious.

Kaidoh is tenacious almost to the point of overkill when it comes to his training and it makes Inui wonder if he is just that strong and determined when it comes to love. He wonders if Kaidoh would ever chase after him.

Sometimes Inui makes Kaidoh role play his favorite character from Harry Potter. And then spends the rest of the afternoon figuring out the logistics of wizarding sexual practices and wand insertion.

Much to Kaidoh's dismay.

*uses icon, for she cannot express all that there is about Inui and Kaidoh*

Inui loves provoking a reaction. Half the reason for the juice, for the strange things he says, for the strange things he does is to see how people will react. He wishes he could claim this is for data tennis reasons and sometimes works at figuring out a correlation.

Kaidoh is getting better at ignoring Inui's weird behavior. He never did ask for clarification about the Date fiasco and tells himself it's not because he's afraid of the answer. It's just that asking Inui about anything leads to far more explanation and information than Kaidoh ever wants and so he tries not to ask too many questions.

Inui hopes to become Kaidoh's friend someday and not just simply be a means to an end. Kaidoh hopes someday to stop feeling uncertain around Inui and not just simply be a means to an end.

That comment I did is too angsty. So here's this.

Inui likes cucumbers! He likes the deep green hue and their low caloric value. He also likes that they could possibly be used as a nuclear device if some wacky scientific processes are created. He wishes their shape could be different but that certainly isn't the fault of the cucumber and shouldn't be a reason not to like the gourd.

Kaidoh likes oranges! He likes the bright color, even thought wild horses couldn't drag that statement from him. He also likes the flavor, both tangy and sweet. He likes how you have to work in order to enjoy the orange; any idiot can bite into an apple but you have to peel the orange and the extra bit of work makes the satisfaction that much better.

I just started watching the series over again with a friend, and I'm almost pained to see the way Kaidoh is in the very beginning of the series, the way he snaps at Inui that he's "looking for a fight" and he literally beats himself up after losing to Ryoma. And then I think about how much he changes throughout the series, and how so much of that has to do with Inui - the way Inui draws him out of his semi-seclusion to help train him, the way he cares SO MUCH about Kaidoh he can't even function when Kaidoh's hurt (thinking of course of the memory loss episode), the way he and Kaidoh work so well together when they're playing doubles - and it fills my heart up with warmth. They are just so damned good for each other in so many ways. I love that Kaidoh starts out trying to pick fights with Inui and ends up looking up to him and defending him and really clearly enjoying his company so entirely by the end. It's an amazing character growth to watch happen.

This is sort of rambly, but it's what I've been thinking about a lot lately. I'm working on a slight futurefic of the two and to get a grasp of their future I feel like I need to have a grasp on the origins of their getting together. ♥

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