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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
tennis girls
Fuji Syusuke ≈ Ryuuzaki Reika     Y/N

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I'm going to watch that show one of these days, I swear it.

God, you really, really should. I'm so in love with Ryuuzaki I can't even say.

I mean. Just.

Also: I haven't watched the A@d DVD cuts yet! Have you?

I've seen that picture before and it was that, plus something from the live-action where the main girl? I guess? is all sweaty and my brain shut down just from the screencap. I figured that was a good sign.

I downloaded episode 1! I plan on watching it sometime soon because, hey, convenient excuse to rewatch A@d with All! New! Footage! Maybe tomorrow if I can find time between packing.

I'm watching episode 1 this morning! How could I forget how mind-blowingly adorable Page is?

Are you packing for moving or for vacationing? I've been out of the loop this summer, so I don't know these things. But I'm trying to re-loop myself.

I still haven't watched because I only had time for Hana-Kimi before I went out but I'm getting episode 2 now, too. I always forget how much I want a Leader until I see him again.

Moving packing, not vacationing packing. Six days till the movers show up at my door which would be fine if I didn't have to work all week. *panics mildly*

I say Y but it's a bit tricky.

Oh man, I remember that anime!
Part of my childhood memories... Never knew the original title, only the italian dubbed one: 'Jenny The Tennist' XD
Jenny is so not a Ryoma though...

I never got to see it until recently, sadly.

Hey!! We had that in Greece too!! It was called "Jenny, the big game" or something like that. There was this cute dark haired guy...
Thanx for bringing it up! ^_^

<---Ryoma could do a Jenny (he's so cute now that he lost his memory)

(Also, sorry for friending you and not saying a thing...)

I loved the gentle romance in the show. So sweet!

(And friending is always fine!)

LOOOOL Yes... kind of... I've only watched the live action version
Which takes me to Jin = Tezuka (with a knee instead of an elbow though)

And anime!Maki reminded me so much of Momo. :)

I have not watched said program. Thus do not know.

and what is this I hear about A@D? (was totally not snooping your conversation with Marks!)

TV-Nihon is now releasing the Director's Cuts from the a@D DVDs. Apparently some of them are quite different cuts from the TV eps. The first two are out so far.

(Are you stalking Marks or me?)

...if I knew who the second person was? Oh *reads comments* they would have something in common at least.

They both strike me as a bit remote and difficult to get at, as characters. Fuji is less of a princess, though. :D

Maybe Atobe and Fuji's lovechild....

asdkjsdfhh I was just about to say Tezuka and Fuji's lovechild... D:

asdk;lasd a threesome baby, perhaps? idk, I was thinking of Reika's diva-ishness. I could see it either way, really. :))

The diva-ishness, yes *_* I've made the Atobe comparison before, too. Seeing as he's a poor little rich girl, and all :P But in the end Ryuuzaki/Hiromi is just so TezuRyoish to me? Coachy/Hiromi is also TezuRyoish, which is funny because Hiromi is not Ryoma at all.

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