Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Media roundup

What I've been watching this week:


Four eps of SG-1, still from S1. God, I love this show. It's like all of Star Trek rolled up into one season so far. I watched Enigma, the one where the snooty technologically advanced people get evacuated to Earth. You can tell they're advanced because they're wearing silver jumpsuits. Plus one of them uses little Anakin's line on Sam ("Are you an angel?") and it works. (He was so sweet, that dear, be-jumpsuited boy.)

And I still think that they're all in love, each with the other, except for General Hammond and he's their daddy.

I've purchased S2 and I hope to make a big push this week while the boy is at GenCon.

One ep of B5, Now for a Word. The one where ISN covers 36 hours on Babylon 5. The very, very best part is the Psi Corps commercial. "We're everywhere, for your convenience."

And a couple episodes of Charlie's Angels. The boy has S1 and I've not seen all the eps, but sometimes I sit down with him to watch. He watched the last of S1 tonight and came running in to tell me that Dirk Benedict was in this ep. So I had to watch, occasionally yelling out, "We love you Dirk!"

Also: Sabrina is SO cute.


PotC again. My god, Captain Jack Sparrow. That is all.

Don't you know a man being rich is like a girl being pretty?

Last night we watched, for the nth time, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, having our usual argument over who is hotter, Marilyn (me) or Jane (the boy). This is my favourite of Marilyn's movies *for* Marilyn. (Some Like It Hot is one of my fave movies overall, but only partly because of Marilyn.) This movie is all about the girls. The men are really just plot devices. I wish they'd just ditch them.

And during Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend I always get a kick out of the tasteful bondage motif, with all the girls decoratively tied hand and foot to the chandelier.

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