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You can call me Hal.

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It's Kaidoh's week. And that means it's my week too. ♥
kaidoh kalos
Kaidoh's album! it's here! It's complete insane crack!. Character crack (including all of Seigaku, it seems) and seiyuu crack and not much actual singing, which is good because dear sweet Kiyasu can't really sing.

Download (Sendspace)

Thanks to makaioh for uploading and to ashewmoo for posting the romaji track listing.

I can't stop smiling listening to this. But that's probably no surprise.

And when somebody translates track 12 (Buchou), let me know ASAP!

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I don't think I've every really expressed just how much of a fangirl for Kiyasu I am.

All I know is track 12 scared me in a good way. Tezuka and Fuji are terrifying!

Tezuka seemed more dorky than scary but Fuji just about made me jump out of my skin!

Aw. I was hoping for a somewhat serious album with singing. Sekai wa Kawaru and Chain Reaction are amongst my favorite tenipuri songs. Of course, if someone sucks at singing, I won't likely notice.

There are some song tracks, never fear. :)

(Deleted comment)
I so do love his scratchy little voice. I have a project to find and watch every anime he was ever in.

I love your tagging system. XD

Truth in advertising. *g*

afkajeo;fe Oh god thank you for uploading this. Now I just need to make it through the day until I can get home to my own computer and download. *__*

I was listening to it at work yesterday and it made a frustrating day so much better. :)

Thanks for uploading this! Oh, Kaidoh. :))))))

Okay, I am guessing that, rationally, "Buchou" must be about Kaidoh becoming buchou next year or something? But in my head it is about Kaidoh's massive crush on Tezuka, and his secret wish to spend quiet afternoons gardening with his captain, just breathing deeply and admiring Tezuka's deft touch with the bonsai tree, trying to ignore the flash of lenses peeping over the garden wall. Maybe their hands would meet over a pair of clippers.... A translation would really spoil this delusion for me :(

I really like your interpretation. But how do you explain Momoshiro being there?

(Momo and Kaidoh bonding over their hopeless buchou crushes would be damn cute. Hmm.)

sldgkj Momo's there too?! Not that that's surprising, I mean, just that I didn't know that because I haven't listened to the track yet. I just saw the title and my mind went where it liked :)

(It really would! Or perhaps fighting about it :)

I have it downloaded but I'm holding myself back until I get my CD before I listen to it. *braces herself* There are songs though ne? Aside from crack? ^^ I'm starting think it'll be like Inui's album with... stuff. XD

Hee! I so love the album. So much goodness.

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