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You can call me Hal.

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Hey, kids! Seigaku vs Rikkai got you down? Cheer up by reading Deimon vs Oujou!
one true rivalry

Okay, it was only half a re-read for me because I was very, very behind on ES21 for reasons I won't go into. But now I am completely caught up and this is such a glorious sports manga!

Reading the whole game in one go was breathtaking. I was desperate, as I'm sure most people were, for both teams to win. For all I love Shin and Sena, I think the best parts were Hiruma vs Takami. My god, they are both so scary. And seeing Takami cry...

As much as I would love to ship Shin/Sena, their love cannot be, for they are noble rivals. Well, maybe they can have some off-season love. And if I could draw, I would draw Sakuraba and Takami in bed, Sakuraba asleep and Takami leaning over, watching him.

I'm sorry Seibu didn't make it to the final. And their loss was far too quick. Kid! :( :( :(

I fear the final will be a difficult match to watch, with so much threat of physical injury. I'm kind of not looking forward to it.

But then there was baseball! And flashbacks!

I have nothing intelligent to say. Just squee x 1000.

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:D I'm only up to Volume 15, but oh my god, Sakuraba/Takami. I ship, yes I do. *_________*

I think this game was made to be read in a sitting. The heart threatens to rip the ribcage open. But let not speak of violence, because there is a lot in the air, everywhere.

The baseball part totally killed me. They always overdo it with the cameos, but at least they have always been like that. And it is a nice technique to relieve the tension of the previous chapters.

I found it hard to accept that Seibu wouldn't make the finals, but they are buying me with these last chapters. Speciall this week's ^^

ES21 is on my to-do list.

I'm still wallowing in Oofuri. ♥

That moment, when Hiruma kept everyone else away so Takami could break down for a bit, inspired me to write Hiruma/Takami smut. It was so perfect. And it was a wonderful game overall.

Also, I'm just /waiting/ for Hiruma to change his story about his parents a /third/ time, at which point I will know for sure that we're never going to know for sure.

Oh yes. ES21 is my sports manga of choice, rivaled only by the so-very-sweetly-gay Oofuri baseball boys.

And man, Seibu's loss to the Evil Dinosaur Bastards ripped my heart out. *weeps* Oh Kid.

*grins* I know. It's just so wrong, isn't it? *very fond of it*

a;lksdjfa;lskdjf KID. :( :( :( Some days Seibu are my favorite, and that match was happening during those days, and Kid broke my heart all to pieces and it's NOT FAIR AT ALL.


And GOD, SHIN/SENA. I LOVE SHIN/SENA SO MUCH BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MOST RESPECTFUL RIVALS EVER EVER EVER. However, the reason I think their love cannot be is because they are BOTH ENTIRELY CLUELESS. Like, their idea of a date would probably be running and repeated painful tackling. Oh, Shin. <3

But I kind of ship Riku/Sena too. Have you seen the anime? It is even more blatant in the anime, because there's this episode where Riku gets all jealous bratty over Sena's obvious giant crush on Shin.

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