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Hey, kids! Seigaku vs Rikkai got you down? Cheer up by reading Deimon vs Oujou!

one true rivalry

Okay, it was only half a re-read for me because I was very, very behind on ES21 for reasons I won't go into. But now I am completely caught up and this is such a glorious sports manga!

Reading the whole game in one go was breathtaking. I was desperate, as I'm sure most people were, for both teams to win. For all I love Shin and Sena, I think the best parts were Hiruma vs Takami. My god, they are both so scary. And seeing Takami cry...

As much as I would love to ship Shin/Sena, their love cannot be, for they are noble rivals. Well, maybe they can have some off-season love. And if I could draw, I would draw Sakuraba and Takami in bed, Sakuraba asleep and Takami leaning over, watching him.

I'm sorry Seibu didn't make it to the final. And their loss was far too quick. Kid! :( :( :(

I fear the final will be a difficult match to watch, with so much threat of physical injury. I'm kind of not looking forward to it.

But then there was baseball! And flashbacks!

I have nothing intelligent to say. Just squee x 1000.
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