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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 359 / 250th Down
Prince of Tennis

Invisible Man Inui: ha ha ha

Doting Kaidoh at Inui's bedside: ♥♥♥

Lack of any information about Renji's reaction: ×××

Eyeshield 21

Could I love Hiruma any more? Unlikely, but I always think that and then, I love him more. I should really get an icon. And Kurita is so darling and I can't wait for his special traning with Banba.

But the best part about This Week In Jump:

♥♥♥ MUSASHI ♥♥♥

'nuff said.
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Renji's reaction: spanking Kirihara?

I was thinking more a smack upside the head and then an apology to Inui. But anything would have been better than nothing.

That would be better (and possible...). I hope there is time for it to happen, with all those rumors about PoT being over soon and all that.

(Deleted comment)
mummified!Inui was... wrong, very wrong o_o it gave the hell of a scare to me. The only good part was him holding Kaidoh's wrist <3

And of course, Kaidoh babysitting Inui x3

I'll put up with a lot for the sake of InuKai. :)

Pity Inui was dreaming with Fuji...

Now if they were *both* dreaming about Fuji, that would be kind of interesting.

I know it's awful, and I promise my heart is breaking in all the right ways about the whole thing, but seeing mummy!Inui with GLASSES PERCHED ON TOP OF HIS BANDAGES?? I pretty much died laughing.

Yes yes yes to doting Kaidoh. ♥

It kind of made me roll my eyes, but, hey, it's Inui. Underneath all that wrapping, he's still a sex god. :)

There will never be enough love for doting Kaidoh. ♥♥♥

Exactly. :)

It's true. It gives me all sorts of fic ideas. ♥

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