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You can call me Hal.

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Just pretend I was never away.
► There should be a Littlest Hobo episode of Supernatural. Possibly with Dean's zombie dog. Also, Sam was actually cute last week. And Bobby should marry me.

► Watching DS9 on Spike at 9AM, all the commercials are for Natural Male Enhancement. That's one damn creepy demographic.

► I'm all caught up with Heroes, for a wonder. And this season, there is a Ship For Me. If you know me, you've probably already guessed that it's Maya/Alejandro. Crazy Mutant Incest FTW. I don't think there will be porn, though, except in my brain. There's lots of porn in my brain.

► Is there any good new TV this season? I watched the pilot of Bionic Woman just for Katee Sackhoff but wasn't inclined to watch more. I thought Reaper would be fun but it was just tedious. And Pushing Daisies felt way too precious somehow.

► But Dexter is back. And Friday Night Lights. And Corner Gas.

► Possibly I'm watching too much TV. I should stop paying my cable bill. (Whenever it arrives, I always remember that Kids in the Hall sketch: "Please, please, please don't cut off my cable!")

► ♥

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::flings arms around you::

I don't have Dexter on my cable. and I should.

and everytime I try to rent it at the local video it is out.

Hi, Hal.

My guilty secret: I won't pay for the expensive cable so I just download Dexter. And so should you.

Hi. :)

Just when I never thought there'd be any good TV every again, there was Dexter.

It's been a million years!

Alas, my already basically nonexistent TV-watching habits are not the least bit helped by the fact that, well, most new seasons of things are getting started or finally getting settled in just in time for OCTOBER. By which I mean baseball. By which I mean, as often as possible, OMGREDSOX.

It's good to see you back!

But where are your Red Sox icons? :D

Jennie Sizzler!



Hee! I always loved those sketches.

no, Bobby is MINEMINEMINE and I will FIGHT you for him!!!

Can there be bikinis and jello?

If you thought Reaper sounded fun (though I agree--I too was intrigued but in the end found it tedious) you might try Chuck? The setup is similar: underemployed guy in retail turns out to have a Special Purpose and must lead a double life, that kind of thing. He gets drafted by the CIA rather than the devil, though I'm sure cynical types could argue whether there's much difference *g* Anyway, it also has slashability with a doofus best friend, and lots of geek/video game/fanboy humor, and spy gadgets and ridiculous costumes and girlfights. And the female love interest doesn't make me want to tear my hair out. Also, Adam Baldwin is hilarious and I ♥ him. Plus it seems... sharper maybe? than Reaper, if just as cheesy and over the top. Idk, not something I'm desperately in love with, but certainly entertaining :)

God, Pushing Daisies, don't even get me started. So self-consciously off-kilter and adorable, I could just gag. It feels like one of those things designed expressly to convince a mainstream audience of its own (the audience's own, I mean) hip artiness. Like Big Fish or Amélie, that kind of thing. Like: Look at us! We like high-concept! We like distinctive set design! We get the obscure indie rock and Broadway references! We reject your formulaic romantic dramedies, for they have neither Dahlian overtones nor dictionary humor! Oh, the hipness of us!

I held off reading the next bit of your Heroes bullet point, and tried to guess what your ship would be. I was not even close. Myself, I feel faintly embarrassed at taking the easy, pre-slashed-for-your-convenience road of shipping Matt/Mohinder. Can't really help myself :(

Oh, I had things to send you, before real life ate me. How would you feel about a Japanese ping pong movie? (More exciting than it sounds, I swear.)

When I started this comment I really only intended to say "Welcome back ♥". Not sure how it turned into this.

You had me at "Adam Baldwin". ♥

I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel that way about Pushing Daisies. And I *hated* Amélie.

I wonder why I never wrote any Yumiko/Shuuske fic. I mean, I even ship Trix & Mart Belden! Usually I find m/m brothercest boring as Amélie hell. But m/f is my anti-drug. It's all due to reading Flowers in the Attic in junior high.

Ping pong! That would be much fun, I am sure. :)

(Um... you always have porn on the brain, or is it just me? XD)

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