Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Just pretend I was never away.

► There should be a Littlest Hobo episode of Supernatural. Possibly with Dean's zombie dog. Also, Sam was actually cute last week. And Bobby should marry me.

► Watching DS9 on Spike at 9AM, all the commercials are for Natural Male Enhancement. That's one damn creepy demographic.

► I'm all caught up with Heroes, for a wonder. And this season, there is a Ship For Me. If you know me, you've probably already guessed that it's Maya/Alejandro. Crazy Mutant Incest FTW. I don't think there will be porn, though, except in my brain. There's lots of porn in my brain.

► Is there any good new TV this season? I watched the pilot of Bionic Woman just for Katee Sackhoff but wasn't inclined to watch more. I thought Reaper would be fun but it was just tedious. And Pushing Daisies felt way too precious somehow.

► But Dexter is back. And Friday Night Lights. And Corner Gas.

► Possibly I'm watching too much TV. I should stop paying my cable bill. (Whenever it arrives, I always remember that Kids in the Hall sketch: "Please, please, please don't cut off my cable!")

► ♥
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