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You can call me Hal.

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It's for science.

You put your drinking glasses in the cupboard:

Right side up
Upside down



Do you end up with half the glasses one way and half another?

Upside down, of course. That way they don't get dust in them.

Also, Atobe always and forever. *solemn nod*

My secret is to have too few glasses so there's never enough time for dust to collect.

I confess, I voted for Dean. But it was a tough choice.

Right side up so the glass rims don't get dirty!

re: the glasses, I alternate.

By whim or do you have a system?

Upside down because of bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.

You didn't offer both as a possibility. Which more accurately reflects the state of cupboards. Partly it varies by glass type, partly it varies by person putting them up. And partly it's whim.

Now you're just confusing the issue. :D

*sweeps evidence that doesn't support the theory under the rug*

Placing them upside down in bars is one thing - at home, where one doesn't dust surfaces as often as one should? Definitely keep them the right side up.

I should have known mefi would have the answer. Or at least the discussion. :)

If one has ever lived in a place that has bugs of any sort, one is forever traumatized into storing glasses upside down. *g*

Once, in a wet winter, my family had an invasion of tiny earthworms, who all crawled into the cupboards and died. My girlfriend lived in Sydney, home of giant feral cockroaches. In our house, glasses are most definitely upside down.

Dean, hands down. Always. Yum ^_^

He does have that way about him. :)

Your second question is just plain evil. I abstain.

You're obstructing science, you know. Next you'll be burning Stephen Hawking at the stake.

People put them upside down? Never encountered that. Which according to the poll, is weird.

...you made me choose between Dean and Atobe? *wrings hands*

I thought the poll would show more of a definite preference.

Yes. I am. Because you can't have both.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, my wine glasses go upside down. But water glasses right side up.

upside down is the proper way. that way you don't risk getting dust or having water collect inside the cup. Unless it is water glasses or coffee cups, those go right side up.

and neither Dean or Atobe.

Water glasses is what I was thinking about.

"Neither" wasn't an option, missy.

I fail at poll taking.

Glasses go the right way round because then the rims don't get dirty and they don't get a bad smell in them.

I choose dean - because he's a real life boy.

answer your mail woman.