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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 364 (and the ones before)
tezuka tattoo
I just read 360 - 364 while listening to I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf. It was the perfect bombastic accompaniment.

Just...I miss Slam Dunk.

Anyhow. How much would I like to see Fuji play Tezuka? With I Would Do Anything For Love playing in the background? So much. But this isn't it. Maybe I'll rewatch those anime episodes with the sound off and Meatloaf on.

This is such crack. And not very inspiring crack. Just predictable, unsatisfying crack. But it's still my crack. And Kaidoh is still with Inui in the hospital. ♥

Only...I kind of want Kaidoh to be watching Fuji.

I thought I'd have more to say. Hey, do we know any more about the actual future of the manga in or out of Jump?

I'm still not caught up with Eyeshield 21. Soon. But I need some time after Deimon vs Oujou. How could it possibly get better than that?

(Okay, this one time? I was watching Friday Night Lights and the Dillon team made a touchdown -- I forget who was carrying the ball but it was probably Smash -- by leaping over the other team's defense into the end zone and I kind of yelled out "DEVIL BAT DIVE!")

And now onto SPN.

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I loved the five seconds of inuikai...and I want Tezuka to give Fuji cookies next chapter. >.>

Except for when we get GP service and it totally goes against my love of MomoEiji. (I kinda don't like GP) D:

I don't think I've ever had a PoT pairing go against another PoT pairing. They're all mix and match for me. :)

Momo/Eiji ♥

I totes am in the wrong fandom to be so steadily shipped. Tezukafuji for life. I literally do have Tezuka ♥ Fuji on my skin. And I was kinda joking about GP going against my MomoEiji love. (I'm don't solely ship anything but Tezukafuji, but I really don't ship many people with more than one person) I adore MomoEiji, though. >.>

And it's not so much that I dislike GP as I dislike the way people write GP.

I'm...don't? Do I need sleep or what?

But Kaidoh has to stand by Inui! No? :P

Of course he does! But he can stand by Inui while secretly thinking about Fuji for a bit. :D

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