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David Suzuki eats Kraft Dinner and other facts of interest

► Recently I learned that there is an actual sport called beach soccer where they play barefoot on sand. The Beach Soccer World Cup is on right now! Sadly, they do not dress as for beach volleyball. Also, sadly, I haven't yet found a shounen sports series about beach soccer. But it would sure make a cool summer training arc for just about any sports series.

► I got a new DVD player that plays avis so now I'm showing Kamen Rider Kabuto to the Boy, to try to ease him into toku. We're six episodes in and — quelle horreur! — he doesn't like Kagami. What's more, he's surprised that I do. For whatever reason, he thought I'd like Tendou, the arrogant boy who's good at everything, over Kagami, the purehearted but bumbling underdog. (I heroically managed not to say, "But I'm with you, aren't I?" even though it was the perfect set-up.) When Kagami ended up at Tendou's place, eating mackerel miso, the Boy was all, Why is he there? Tendou doesn't like him. It made me smile with delight. Ah, he will yet see.

► I slept 9 hours last night. I can recommend it.

Heroes: If ever a scene cried out for Toblerone!

FNL: I can't stop thinking about Landry.

This report on how hotels "clean" the drinking glasses in the rooms is maybe the grossest thing I have ever seen.

► I like cheese. And you.
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