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You can call me Hal.

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David Suzuki eats Kraft Dinner and other facts of interest
► Recently I learned that there is an actual sport called beach soccer where they play barefoot on sand. The Beach Soccer World Cup is on right now! Sadly, they do not dress as for beach volleyball. Also, sadly, I haven't yet found a shounen sports series about beach soccer. But it would sure make a cool summer training arc for just about any sports series.

► I got a new DVD player that plays avis so now I'm showing Kamen Rider Kabuto to the Boy, to try to ease him into toku. We're six episodes in and — quelle horreur! — he doesn't like Kagami. What's more, he's surprised that I do. For whatever reason, he thought I'd like Tendou, the arrogant boy who's good at everything, over Kagami, the purehearted but bumbling underdog. (I heroically managed not to say, "But I'm with you, aren't I?" even though it was the perfect set-up.) When Kagami ended up at Tendou's place, eating mackerel miso, the Boy was all, Why is he there? Tendou doesn't like him. It made me smile with delight. Ah, he will yet see.

► I slept 9 hours last night. I can recommend it.

Heroes: If ever a scene cried out for Toblerone!

FNL: I can't stop thinking about Landry.

This report on how hotels "clean" the drinking glasses in the rooms is maybe the grossest thing I have ever seen.

► I like cheese. And you.

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Recently I learned that there is an actual sport called beach soccer where they play barefoot on sand.

I meant to tell you this--in my RSS feeds on US soccer that come through LJ, I've been getting all the beach soccer worldcup updates. It makes me think of you! ♥

If only we'd known in advance, we could have booked a vacation to go watch the world cup!

Just for thought: Slam Dunk/Prince of Tennis/Oofuri crossover.

I just had some cheese. Thought of you.

Oh, man! I kind of fear that crossover. But lately I've been thinking about a Prince of Tennis figure skating AU.

I ♥ you and cheese too!

Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter would unsubscribe to your newsletter just so I could subscribe to it again.

Golden Pair Ice Dancing. We all know Oishi is the girl.

He would have the prettiest pink sparkly costume!

At first, Eiji would have trouble with some of the lifts, and once he drops Oishi in the original dance, and he feels so guilty! But then they train together day and night and make an amazing comeback in the free dance, demonstrating that they truly are Seigaku's Golden Couple.

Last year for santa_smex I very nearly wrote a Tenipuri hockey/figure skating AU. It involved the Fuji siblings and Inui. I think it had those characters because hockey and figure skating are mentioned as Inui's and Fuji's second sports, respectively? But then I got sidetracked because it was turning into a The Cutting Edge pastiche, which called for more of a MomoKai dynamic, or really more like Atobe/Momo, and then I just got confused :)

Hee! Oh, Inui. ♥ How you would suck at hockey!

My hockey AU was always Slam Dunk. And I have a PoT WIP where there's curling.

Ooh, how about Atobe/Momo where Atobe invites compells Momo to join him in his winter sport which Momo thinks is going to be hockey but turns out to be pairs skating?

I have this wonderful image now of Inui in hockey gear, cocking his head to the side and trying to figure out why every. single. shot. he makes hits the posts and then bounces off and half-kills one of his teammates.

Eeeee, curling! I hope you finish that one! I think we talked about a curling AU before? Or maybe I was talking to someone else. But I remember saying that my ideal Tenipuri curling team would consist of Mizuki sweeping and Inui calculating angles and Fuji just generally being mysteriously geniusy, and I can't remember who I wanted the fourth member to be, but it was probably either Yuuta or Kaidoh, if only because any team is vastly improved by someone who feels Put Upon and will blush angrily about it. *_* Also, randomly, I was just seized with an urge to watch real curling. I wonder if it will ever be on TV outside of the Olympics; I don't think I can wait until 2010 :(

aksjdghksdjgh YES. Maybe he will entice Momo with the promise of food. And then there could be dialogue lifted straight out of The Cutting Edge. "Just who the hell do you think you are?" "I know exactly who I am, asshole, I'm a guy who came a long way for lunch!" "Oh well, please don't let me keep you from the trough." The more I think about this, the more I want it to exist. I will have to see what I can do...

FNL! \O/

And when I was down the shore this summer, I went up on the ferris wheel and you could see neat little rows of beach soccer tournament fields set up. It was very odd.

FNL is so good it's hard to actually post about.

I was less surprised by the existence of the sport than I was that there's a world cup and all!

Beach soccer rules! ^^ I watched it once, it was entertaining, now if they'd only play in speedos...

I don't understand how anyone could not like Kagami.

I know, it's completely mystifying!

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