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You can call me Hal.

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PoT Fic: Sport (InuKai)
inukai skeleton
The snippet I wrote for disutansu's InuKai day post.

Sport by Halrloprillalar / prillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuKai, G, 435 words.

"Did you ever think about playing another sport?" Inui put the cap on his pen.

Kaidoh looked up from his homework. He didn't say anything, just frowned a little.

"I didn't think so." Inui couldn't really imagine Kaidoh as anything but a tennis player. Or, to be accurate, he couldn't imagine Kaidoh as a player of any other sport. To be strictly accurate, Inui often imagined Kaidoh doing a number of things other than tennis, just not other sports.

In fact, as recently as four o'clock, Inui had imagined Kaidoh coming into the room and pinning Inui against the wall, raking his hands down Inui's chest, and declaring, "I want you now," in a low and sultry voice, then kissing him with wild abandon.

At four oh five, Kaidoh had indeed come into the room, but he'd just nodded to Inui, and sat down with his books. He did squeeze Inui's fingers when Inui took his hand but there wasn't much in the way of wild abandon.

But there was always hope. Inui started to imagine him and and Kaidoh at the Australian Open. They would win Men's Doubles and when they were being interviewed by the TV crews, Kaidoh would look at Inui with a passionate gaze and say, "I owe it all to Inui-senpai. I want everyone to know that we--"

"Soccer, maybe."

"What?" Australia vanished in a puff of passionate smoke.

"I like soccer," Kaidoh said.

Inui imagined Kaidoh transferring out of tennis into the soccer club. He imagined him playing in a J.League club -- maybe FC Tokyo, they had blue uniforms, right? -- and leading them to the league championship. Then the national team and winning the World Cup. Endorsement deals and a talk show. While Inui watched it all on TV alone at home.

"If you really want to leave the tennis club," Inui said and imagined finding someone else to train with and play doubles with and hang out with, someone with a properly sultry voice and passionate eyes and an actual appreciation of all Inui would do for him. Only he couldn't imagine that. Inui dropped his pen on the floor.

Kaidoh looked over at Inui. "Senpai, I love tennis." He scooted along the floor until he was next to Inui. "I don't want to leave the tennis club."

"You don't want to drop tennis for soccer?" Inui went limp with relief.

"If I did, would you coach me?" Kaidoh said and maybe gruff was better than sultry. Kaidoh leaned against Inui's shoulder and turned his head and Inui didn't even have time to imagine the kiss.

I ♥ you so very much right now.

aw. Inui. You idiot boy.

Kaidoh leaned against Inui's shoulder and turned his head and Inui didn't even have time to imagine the kiss. -- That line is breathtaking. God, gorgeous.

whoo-hoo-hoo, loving almost-psycho-with-love!Inui, and the ending is ♥

Thank you, sweetie. ♥

Oh, Inui, you sweet dork you. *lurves him*

He's adorkable, that's for sure. :)

*coos and Inui and Kaidoh*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
-sniffle- Oh, Inui. I think Kaidoh is good for you.

He so needs Kaidoh to keep him grounded.

Oh, man, that's so great <3

damn. sweet I mean =D. Work is bad for my brain XD XD

The J-League is already full of Captain Tsubasa players, Kaidô had better to stick with tennis ^___-
Lovely fic !

I think you're right. :)

This is too good. *melts* :DDDD

I'm so glad you liked it, sweetie! ♥

Awww, Inui. Don't go borrowing trouble.

Maybe he'll be more relaxed now. Maybe. :D

I watched The Green Towel of Love episode this weekend and was distracted, briefly, from Renji's level of hot by how pretty Kaidoh really was. :D

♥ This was beautiful - I was thrilled to see it.

If I want to wallow in the Data Pair, I read the manga version of that match. Cause in the anime Kaidoh is so damn pretty and Inui is so damn amazing and their love is so damn TRUE and PURE and FOREVER.

&hearts to you too. I think I'm getting back into the swing of fic and such finally.