Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

On the subject of me

The boy's off at GenCon and I have the place to myself so I'm indulging in some social isolation, which is why I haven't been posting this week. So, I'll try to throw in a bit of everything.

ObHP: Having just been to the optometrist, I've been wondering why wizards can't magically fix their vision, as they seem to be able to do most anything else. And where do wizards get their glasses? Are they special magic glasses? I know Harry's aren't, but Percy wears glasses too.

Maybe magic wizard glasses automatically change as your eyes change so you never have to get a new prescription.

ObFic: Was Blind But Now, Mulder/Krycek drabble for slash100. The challenge was Hunter/Prey but I slid off more towards Seeking & Finding. Also, the title is oddly pretentious.

ObStargate: I have been watching, watching, watching. I've finished S1 and am well into S2. I think I've watched about 15 eps over three days.

I LOVE THIS SHOW! And I think I'm in love with Jack, which I completely did not expect. It's rare that I like the main character of a show, let alone get all hot and bothered for him or her. It's the snark. The only thing hotter than snark is sarcasm.

And the Jack/Daniel hug at the end of The Serpent's Lair made me all melty. No manly handshake first, just full-on hug. Jack's hands on Daniel's back. Then one hand up behind Daniel's head. Then both hands on Daniel's face. Guh.

I'm not sure I'm quite ready to dive into fic yet, but I've got to know: is there any decent femslash about Sam and Dr Fraiser? And any hot sex of any persuasion involving Horus?

ObRant: Hmm, I'm not usually a "rant in public" person. But here goes: I really hate it when people rant for the sake of ranting. On one of my mailing lists, someone posted a big rant about some character thing, then when someone called her on it, said she was just expressing herself in "a rant-type format". So, apparently there's a whole format now.

ObReading: Sharpe, Sharpe, and more Sharpe. What I'll do once I run out, I'm not sure. Hornblower, maybe?

ObMeta: There is no spoon.

ObBoringPersonalShit: I don't usually post this stuff either. Hrm. I'm getting some new glasses that I think look pretty cool. I had pizza and beer for supper. Life is good.

ObPirates: We're really bad eggs! How many days til Christmas?

And that's all. Tomorrow, I must write. And drink the rest of the beer.

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