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You can call me Hal.

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Tales of Interest.
► For the first time in ages, I got into work with my brain so busy about fandom things that I forgot how to do my job. Yay!

► Tomorrow, so The Boy assures me, the Futurama movie DVD is released! I may not get to see it until Wednesday, however.

► The tokusatsu indoctrination of The Boy is going very well. The other day when I needed to unlock a door, he said to me: The punch code is 1-2-3. Rider Kick! After Kabuto, we'll move on to Kamen Rider Hibiki, I think.

► I'm not sure when I'm going to get to see Razor because I didn't bother watching it on TV on Saturday and then when I went to download it today, I had scary awful bittorent problems. More troubleshooting is needed. Or maybe my stupid ISP has cut me off.

► I saw a pretty terrible production of West Side Story recently. I kept myself sane by imagining a tenimyu version with Atobe as Tony and Momoshiro as Maria.

► I secretly laughed at you all as you stressed over santa_smex. And then I signed up to write a pinch-hit. So now you can laugh at me, but only secretly.

► Apparently, it's snowing.

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...I can't believe I'm so out of it that I didn't know there was a Futurama movie out *hangs head in shame*

It wasn't in theatres. According to my sources, it will later be broadcast with additional material as four TV episodes.

hahahaa. I love ti when that happens. maybe.


(is secretly laughing at you. and geesh, here I thought we'd get nothing from you!)

We can secretly laugh at each other. :) You'll be able to tell my submission because it will be a Kamen Rider AU. Cause I'm sure that my recipient really wanted that but was too bashful to ask.

hahahahaha. my fic has bing flashing signs on it that say "Kishi fic. Kishi fic".

Cause I don't know how to be subtle.

Possible Embarrassing Fact: I have never seen West Side Story and have no idea what it's about. Does Maria like to eat a lot and that's why you've cast Momo as her?

*secretly points and laughs at you*

I'd never seen West Side Story before either. It's an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet but not, IMO, a very good one. I think it was while Maria was singing "I feel pretty" that I decided she must be Momoshiro.


... why, because of the words "I feel pretty and witty and GAY"? XDDDD

I'm retaining ten pounds of water easy. :(

I'm gleeful about the pinch hit I'm writing - all this newness is renewing my love of the fandom.

I'd never laugh at you, Hal. It wouldn't be right.

Gah -- bloating is the worst.

I'm feeling pretty gleeful too and I can't tell you how relieving that is. I was starting to wonder if my fannish libido was gone forever. I may be less gleeful when I start to actually write, however. :D

Since my smex still isn't done - I'm not laughing at you. At all.

Mostly I'm in the I hate you characters and am never, ever writing you again state of mind. God. Kill me now.

Aw, poor you and poor characters! I hope it all works out without too much more pain.

I completely missed that there was a Futurama movie. I'm blaming the rock I'm been under called college and work.

It wasn't in the theatres, but apparently will be broadcast later on with additional material as four episodes. So, it's easier to miss. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I think I'm going to need it. :)

I am mildly envious of your snow.

Razor is definitely worth watching, the best BSG's been for a long time. Hope your downloading problems disappear!

It was more like rain changing to snow in mid-air for about 20 minutes and then changing back. So I didn't get to miss work.

The problems cleared up and I got to watch it. Wow, I really loved it!

Aw, too bad you didn't get a snow day. But hooray for Razor! I keep meaning to post about it, but work's been busy.

Futurama movie? Are you serious???????


Oh, I'm laughing at you. Publicly.

We watched it! It was a lot of fun. :)


That's why I'm crying. *sniff*


... Mooooomoooo, I just met a commoner named Mooooomo...

No, no, please don't cry!!! I'm sure you'll be able to carry on with everything!

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