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You can call me Hal.

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Heroes question
I meant to post about this before but I forgot.

During S1 of Heroes, did Hiro switch partway through from using ore to boku when talking to Ando? Or did I just imagine that?

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If he did, I'd've thought it would be the other way around!

Yeah, I know. Which is why I'm wondering if I dreamed it.

I'd have to watch the earlier episodes again, but I thought that Hiro was always using boku and Ando was always using ore.

That makes sense. I can't remember why I thought he switched. I don't have my DVDs so I can't check.

I think that's what I noticed as well, Hiro using "boku" and Ando using "ore". At any rate, I just finished episode 18 (I'm very slow) and Hiro was -- as far as I can tell -- using "boku".

Good to know, thank you!

OK, I just checked episode 3, and Hiro uses "ore" in it when showing Ando the comic book and explaining his disappearance. O___O He even says "ore-tachi" when saying that they have to leave.

Very strange. >_> If you want me to check any other episodes, let me know. I have my DVDs right beside me and a lot of time to waste. XD Oh, and Future Hiro uses "ore".

Oh, interesting! This explains a lot. Thank you! Don't worry about checking more eps, though. I was just curious. :)

This is so random but: do you know what the Japanese is for the text on your icon? or what episode they say it in? I don't watch Heroes, but my friend was telling me about that scene in particular, so I've been curious.

i'm pretty sure that Ando was saying 'ore,' yeah, except for maybe a few times when hiro was saying superhero stuff? Like "MY SUPER POWERS!"

I'm pretty sure he was using ore for those. I'd have to rewatch as well. I wonder if there's youtube clips of just them?

Ooh, I bet that's what it was! Good call.

I don't remember if there was some big switch in season one, but I wouldn't be surprised if I went back to watch and found him using different pronouns in different contexts; I mean, earlier this season he went from boku to watashi to ore in the space of one episode (watashi when he was Kensei and ore with Yaeko, I think it was.)

Yeah, I'm sure he was -- this was specifically with Ando. I lent out my DVDs so I can't check. Not that it's really that important.

Can't check but I'm pretty sure he was sticking with "boku" when talking with Andô...

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