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You can call me Hal.

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Happy New Year!
• Here's to 2008 being much better than 2007!

• I've hardly posted at all in the last month; I'm just really, really tired most of the time, due to annoying health issues. (Possibly a BRAINS deficiency due to a shortage in people whose BRAINS I haven't already eaten.) I'm hopeful things will improve, but maybe not right away. Regardless, I plan to make more of an effort to post (and comment) in January. I miss being in the loop.

• Last night, I dreamed I was a vampire. I met up with these blonde vampire twins, kind of like Jessica and Elizabeth, but both with Jessica's personality. They were great vampires. I was a failure. I could hardly bring myself to bite people, let alone torture them artistically. I feel this shows I lack strength of character.

• Do you think Clea DuVall would date me? Even if I'm a deficient zombie and failure vampire?

• I've been attempting to write some InuKai but all I actually came up with today was 25 words of, um, Grissom/Ecklie:

The Chess Game

"You know, Gil, we could do this on-line."

Grissom raised his eyebrows. "I like the feel of something in my hands."

• I wish I had a butter tart.

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Did you notice how it's *still* about butter?


P.S. You are way hotter than Clea DuVall.

Butter really seems to be the focus of my life right now. I don't think that's a bad thing. :)

I think there are much worse vices you could have. (:

(Deleted comment)

Re: I wish I had you here

Maybe Guinness is the missing ingredient! I'll have to do some experimentation.

Would you be my vampire partner? We could have a cool lair and hang out in seedy bars playing pinball in our leather bustiers.

*offers brains* I am saddened by the utter lack of Inukai at santa smex. D:

*gobbles brains* Me too. :( I will try to make up for it soon.

Aww! :(
Are you feeling any better now?

I'd offer my brain for you to eat but it's so small and empty, I doubt it'll be satisfying XD

I just need to plan how to balance life with the energy I have, instead of waiting around for it to get magically better.

All brains are good brains!

InuKai would be loverly. I would say this other pairing would be too, but I don't know who they are.

I have been trying to see if I could write an oofuri drabble, but the lack of knowledge about manga canon and all things baseball prevents it from happening.

I have been craving chips ahoy. mainly because I can't touch them.

heal, woman! heal!

CSI, Kishi. They actually remind me more of Data Pair than anything.

There needs to be a book on how to fake writing sports that you know nothing about. I suck at baseball knowledge.

I had some brandied peach pie the other day.

I'm working at it. :)

aha. I never watch it.

and YES. that would be so awesome. I need to finda site for dl's of oofuri as crunchyroll just ain't cutting it.. I think there is an LJ comm somewhere.

you should give me ideas. I will then mess them up badly and they'll end up being hockey rules instead. :)

mmmmm. peaches.

How do you do that in 25 words? drgsrgsg. God, I would never read Grissom/Ecklie, not unless you wrote it. ;)

It's a pairing that snuck up on me. But there's no good fic. Which doesn't surprise me. I have no idea how to actually pull off a real story about them.

If you're not feeling well, though, you shouldn't push yourself too much.

I like that little snippet of writing! Even though I have no idea who Grissom or Ecklie are. The feel of something in your hands indeed.

I'm working on finding a good balance right now. Mostly, I need to get rid of the idea that I have a responsiblity to write and post, because that constant low-grade guilt is not doing me any good.

Yay! They're from CSI, actually. I've been watching it quite a lot, since it's easy on the brain. Kind of like Agatha Christie is.

Sweet Valley Twins?


*wishes she could feed you a butter tart- with or without raisins?*

None other!

With raisins, please. My dad likes them with currents but I think that's gross.

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield? Spearing people like so many yummy kebabs is overrated anyway.

*hands over butter tarts*

Now I'm wondering what they would be like as vampires. In a crossover with Buffy.

Maybe I should drink more coffee.

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