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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
I wish I'd kept my parachute pants from high school. Then I'd know the truth about vanity sizing. Plus they were damn cool.

Questions three:

1. What outfit do you wish you had from high school?

2. What are your thoughts on vanity sizing?

3. Would you buy a DVD set of Facts of Life if it were on sale for $14.99?

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(Deleted comment)

Re: all my clothes were terrifying in high school

You never liked Facts of Life? Tootie is weeping right now.

1. None of them. I let my mother dress me for an embarrassingly long time, so I always looked like a thirty-year-old from 1986.

2. Hate, because then you have to do mental arithmetic to discover that you are fat. Which you already knew.

3. Rofl. No, because I don't buy anything that I can get on the internet for free, but... I think you might have to :D

Randomly, because this needs to be told to someone who will appreciate it (my sister didn't appreciate it, she just scratched her had and wondered if January wasn't too early for mating season and then grumbled about global warming):

There are two squirrels in my yard whom I have named Momo and Kaidoh, because they are always fighting and chasing each other. Well, mostly it's Momo doing the chasing. In October he chased Kaidoh right to the end of a branch, and Kaidoh fell twenty feet to the ground before scurrying away looking as huffy as I imagine it possible for a squirrel to look.

In November a third squirrel showed up and I named him Inui. Inui always seems as if he, too, would like to chase Kaidoh, but mostly he just sort of hangs back and watches for his chance. Which never comes because Momo is always occupying Kaidoh's attention with the chasing and the fighting and such.

Today Momo and Kaidoh were fucking on a branch outside my window. Inui did not seem happy. Kaidoh was the girl.

My mother was responsible for the perm that caused the boys in my junior high school to call me "Eddie" b/c I looked like Eddie van Halen.

I also hate how every pair of pants & jeans now has lycra in it so you have just take it on faith that it's going to stretch out enough so the pants aren't obscenely tight.

Lucky for me, the Facts of Life question was just a hypothetical. Are you saying you've downloaded episodes?

Your squirrel story fills me with a warm glow. I think you should turn it into an epic fanfic opus. ♥

I had an awesome pair of bellbottoms in high school. I wish I still had those. I also had a pair of velvet Chuck Taylors that I loved.

Vanity sizing is stupid.

No, but I've never watched The Facts of Life.

It took me a long time to be reconciled to flares coming back. The velvet Chucks sound divine!

1. Nothing I can remember, honestly. I wasn't that into clothes.

2. Mostly annoyed because I want sensible, logical a 32 inch waist is a 32 inch fucking waist pair of pants consistency rather than a "grab three sizes and guess" game .

3. No

The three size game is so irritating. I try to shop at the same places all the time so I can at least cut it down to two.

1. I still wear those that haven't fallen apart. There was this dress made of soft denim with leather buckle shoulder straps I miss.

2. What is that? I'm guessing it's when they say it's a size smaller than it is? Or is it the different systems between Europe, UK, Japan and America?

Even if I take clothes theoretically my size, wouldn't the appropriateness of fit depend on the specific dimensions of your body? I have broad shoulders and short legs.

3. Not really.

Basically. Someone who fits a size 10 would fit a size 8 etc. Leads to a closet of clothes filled with clothes of a vast sizing difference. And more frustration when trying something on.

1. School uniforms are the norm in Australia. Hence it was bags and hair that made you cool. I resisted the urge to cull my backpack since having kilos of books resting on one shoulder or in folder wasn't preferable. Ouch.

2. I wish they would just have one sizing to rule them all. I have been perplexed recently to be fitting quite comfortably in clothes marked Small. I'm not overweight, but I really pity the people who are actually petite. Then again, I want pants that actually fit and don't make my look like I'm wearing mummy's clothes. Damn shortness bias.

3. ...I guess I'm out of tune with popular culture since I don't know that series?

Bags are fun! I have way too many because I can never resist buying a new one.

I've been seeing stuff about this new European sizing standard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EN_13402) which would make everything so much easier.

Since it aired in NA pre-internet, I don't think you need to worry about being out of tune with pop culture. :)

1. I can't think of an entire outfit I'd want, but I had this pair of knee-high leather boots from the 70's that I bought at a rummage sale for a buck, and I wore those suckers until there were holes in the toes and one of the heels snapped off. They remind me a bit of some of the newer styles that I can't afford.

2. I freaking hate vanity sizing. I never know what size to order if I'm ordering online. And I'm probably a classic size 5, and muscular to boot, and I'm a freaking ZERO at Old Navy. Where on earth do the actual skinny girls shop? Not at Old Navy, I'm guessing. ;P

3. Nope. :)

Ooh, the boots sound wonderful! We all had what we called "hooker boots" in high school.

Yeah, how can anyone shop online for clothes? I've been wondering that about the truly skinny girls as well. It must be frustrating as hell for them.

3. Would you buy a DVD set of Facts of Life if it were on sale for $14.99?


And I wouldn't regret a penny.

I would want my wrestler's boots back (ala Hopey in Love and Rockets). They were soft and worn and fit just right. I also had skinny calves then so I didn't feel like a heffalump in them. Maybe I would want my skin tight mini skirt too. Black of course.

Vanity sizing? I assume it is inaccuarte and a pain in my ass because I range from an 8 to a 16. :(

no. I would not.

I think you had nicer clothes in hs than I did.

It's the range that's the worst part, imo. This is why I only ever shop at two places.

So sad. :(

I wish I had my T-Shirt from the 88 Calgary Olympics. It disappeared without a trace in college, and I've missed it since. We never had a chance to say goodbye!

It's just one more thing that makes shopping frustrating.

I would!

So sad! I'm sure it did not go willingly.

1) I loved the way I dressed in high school -- sort of funky vintage new-waver with fucked up hair and black eyeliner. I miss it all the time, but I'd never wear any of it now. Maybe when I'm retired. (: The outfit that comes to mind right now is a 60s op art dress with black and white circles all over it. It was awesome.

2) Vanity sizing is the #1 reason why I can't buy clothes on the Internet, and instead must suffer the aggravation of The Maul. It stinks.

3) Never saw it, but if you like it, I think you should have it.

1. I wish I could have seen you in your high school years. I think you were way more interesting than I was at that stage.

2. Oh, god, exactly.

3. So, we are the same age and both grew up in North America and you have never seen Facts of Life? I am shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

1. I was kinda prissy towards the end of high school and wore a lot of dressy clothes, even when I had marching band. I had this absolutely comfortable, absolutely slimming, knit skirt and sweater combination. I loved that outfit. Of course, with the clarity of hindsight, I realize that it was probably "too old" for me at the time, mostly due to the fact that the set had shoulderpads and was eye-bleedingly indigo. I'm talking the brightest, deepest indigo you can image. I'm sure people made fun of me but I felt like a princess in that outfit. I wish I still had it.

2. I don't care one way or another. Clothes shopping has always been an exercise in frustration and adventure. Might as well throw more confusion into the ring!

3. I...don't remember ever watching the Facts of Life. So, no.

I can totally picture that outfit. I think I had one like it at some point. Shoulderpads were fun at the time. :D

Clothes shopping is never super fun. I wish I had a stylist to tell me what to wear. And to do the shopping for me while I sit at home watching Kamen Rider Blade (or possibly Facts of Life).

1. I wore a lot of oversized t-shirts and jeans in high school, so I can't say that I miss those. I hate clothes shopping (as does my mother), and didn't know how things were supposed to fit, so I just looked awkward most of the time. Although people thinking I was a boy was occasionally amusing. The surviving t-shirts mostly serve as pjs now. Oh, I do still have my prom dress, which does still fit, but the vanity sizing thing is irrelevant since the dress was sewn for me (part of the reason mum hates clothes shopping is that, given the time, she could do a better job).

2. Vanity sizing is made of stupidity and confusion. This is why I am wearing mens' cargo pants right now (okay, I haven't entirely gotten over the oversized pants, but dude, I have jeans that fit, too). But at least I've discovered a way to make the shopping experience better-- bring friend who *likes* shopping and knows how to make me look good. Of course, then I become her fun dress up doll because I happen to be somewhere near the size and shape the fashion industry bizarrely thinks everyone is, which can get a bit crazy given that my reaction to 75% of these items is DO NOT WANT WTF IS THAT COLOR.

3. I don't know what that show is, so I'd have to say no.

Oh, I love those cargo pants! They have actual pockets that you can put things in. Sadly, I've given up my men's department shopping ways so now I just have to carry a big bag for all my stuff.

1. I had a pair of flannel Chuck Taylors that I loved. I wore them until the sole and the body of the shoes parted ways. Sniff. Goodbye, old friends.

2. Ugh, I don't wanna talk about it.

3. ...yes.

Everybody loves their Chucks. :) And I think Facts of Life would be great slumber party fare.

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