Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Fanfic websites

I've been going cross-eyed this weekend working on my fanfic site. I'm switching from MT to WordPress (♥) and I've pretty much got all the fun stuff, ie WP config & hacks, done. Now I'm up for some tedious data entry before moving on to styling the thing. (If you go there, you'll just see the old site for now.)

I'm curious to know: What elements do you like in a fanfic site? I realize we're all pretty much used to reading on LJ these days, but think back to the days of yore. Or tell me what you did on your own site that you liked.

Right now, fandoms are categories and pairings are tags. I was able to wrap my head around the new taxonomy system enough to customize the tag display, so I can show only the pairings within a particular fandom. I've got the Recent Stories section and, of course, the Yearly Archives. Story summaries show fandom, pairing, rating, and wordcount. And I think I've even got the damn threaded comments working.

What makes a fic site useful and readable for you?
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