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You can call me Hal.

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From last night's dream
All the robots hit on me.

If only that were true!

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I dreamed that I was trying to shoot someone and I couldn't load the gun properly. It was nerve-wracking.

Your dream was obviously better than mine. ♥

I did get hit on by this one robot, though he was a total android. I mean, in the dream. I don't think any of the scores of people who hit on me today were really robots. Surely I would be able to sense that.

I learned that if you're going to shoot someone, you should always get off two shots instead of one because it greatly increases your chance of success.

Hey, Baby, wanna get together and kill all humans?

Ah, this looks like a good place to post this. I hope you like this drabble! Thanks again for my lovely, lovely smex story! I made up some of what's in this and researched other bits, so take it all with a big grain of salt.


"Well, this is certainly a coincidence," Yanagi Renji commented as he leaned against the balcony rail that overlooked the main floor at the casino.

"A fortunate coincidence," Inui Sadaharu agreed, mirroring Yanagi's pose.

"Hm. I do wonder what the chances are of both our families, independently, winning two different sweepstakes where the prize is an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas and both our families, again independently, deciding to redeem it for the same weekend."

Inui smiled. "I'm going to assume that is a rhetorical question, although if you really want me to run the numbers..."

"No, Sadaharu." Yanagi looked out over the people swarming below them. "It is almost too much of a unbelievable coincidence, though. If we were fictional characters in a book, I would suspect that the writer was rather desperate to get us in the same place, unable to think up a normal, logical reason."

"But we're not fictional characters and unbelievable coincidences do happen. How's your English, these days?" Inui asked, looking steadily at the casino floor below them as well.

"Better than yours, like always," Renji answered smoothly.

"Then since we are both here, what would you say to a little gambling?"

"I would say that we aren't twenty-one. They won't let us near the floor."

"I'm not so certain about that, Renji. With all this talk about unbelievability, I'm feeling somewhat lucky." And with that, Inui walked to the staircase and began to go down it. Yanagi shook his head and followed.

As they approached the main gambling area, a uniformed man stopped Inui from behind. "I'm sorry sirs, but..."

Inui turned to him and raised an eyebrow. "A problem?" he asked in heavily-accented English.

The guard looked up at Inui's six-foot stature, Yanagi's not-too-shabby five-foot nine-inches, their hard-won tennis muscles, and their solemn expressions. "Er. No. I'm sorry, sirs, I don't know how I didn't see that you were clearly old enough. Excuse me and enjoy your stay here."

Yanagi smiled. "Thank you very much. I'm sure we will," he said in less-accented English. He watched the guard walk away, muttering to himself, and continued in Japanese, "Sadaharu, this is quite illegal."

"I know. Exciting, isn't it?" Inui rubbed his hands together. "Now, let's go and be careful not to lose your wad. If we're careful, we should be able to crack the nut quite easily."

Chuckling, Yanagi said, "Lose my wad? Crack the nut? Really."

"I did some research on gambling lingo last week, my pigeon friend."

Yanagi hit Inui lightly on the arm. "I am not a naive gambler. And you mean, you watched Ocean's 11 several times as research."

"Of course, among other things. Both the old and new versions were quite enjoyable."

"Is that why you're dressed in that suit and that hat?"

Inui smoothed a hand down his dress jacket. "When pulling off a heist, it's very important to be respectfully attired so that the coppers might doubt you before arresting you. Furthermore, you can more easily seduce ladies to get you out of prison this way."

Renji starting walking to the Blackjack table. At least, that had a slightly greater percentage of pay-out than the other games available. "I don't think you can quite pull off a Danny Ocean personality."

"I disagree. Inui's 11 has a certain ring to it."

Oh, that is so awesome! I especially love all the talk about coincidences. Inui is hysterical and I'm sure Yanagi is thinking, What a doofus. Thank you so much! ♥

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