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You can call me Hal.

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Brainstorming fic ideas with the Boy
Boy: So Inui and Kaidoh are going to a 70s party and they dress up as Starsky & Hutch...

Hal: I'm not going to write that but I am going to blog it.

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(Deleted comment)
But he doesn't have the ass for Starsky, sadly.

The ideas about the elephant were too weird to even post about.

He really, really is. :)

What ?? You're NOT going to write it ? *disappoointed*
BTW, if you're bored you can go listen to the French OP of Starsky & Hutch just for the fun of it :

There are lyrics! That's really cool.

There's actually a long version with a sentence saying a gilr will never be able to separate them which lacks in the TV version X3

There are times when you just know you are partnered with the ideal partner.... XD

So, so true! *icon love*



P.S. have you seen the new TW trailer?

feck it.

I would write you InuKai but I know literally nothing about Starsky and Hutch other than a character named "Huggy Bear" was on the show.

here. appeasement.

That trailer is the hottest thing in the universe. I knew it was going to be good when the Boy IMed me at work to say that now he was all excited to see the new season "and I'm a straight man!"

I watched it on my Touch and then went into the stairwell and watched it again. So. Hot.

hahahaha. yes. YES.

boys and kissing and laughing and cleaning the bar with your face! come on wednesday the 16th

oh my god, please tell me what series this is. 0_____0

It is the teaser for episode one of season two Torchwood, which is a Doctor Who spinoff.


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