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2007 Fanfic Round-Up

My total output was down last year, due to larger doses of Real Life than I would have liked. I'll try to make up for it this year. :)

Momoshiro's Guide to Teen Romance: A Story
MomoKai, R, 8000 words.
Horio has a crush, Eiji has a girlfriend, and Momo has a problem.

Technically, this is from 2006, since it was my santa_smex entry, but since I didn't post it to my LJ til 2007, it gets included. I just have to say: I ♥ Horio.

My Inspiration
Doujinshi. MomoKai. Based on manga canon.

For Marks. For some reason, I never continued my career as a doujinshika.

Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
InuKai, PG, 3900 words.
Inui buys Kaidoh a pet.

My 2007 birthday story. Poor Kaidoh!

InuKai, 600 words, PG.
Inui can't help himself.

My sweeties.

Lock Up
Oishi/Tezuka, R, 500 words.
The usual clubhouse sex.

For the Oishi/Tezuka mini-smut fest that Pix, Marks, and I did. I still have the ultra-depressing story I started for it and didn't finish. Maybe one day.

Obsession for Men
Oishi/Eiji, 1300 words, PG.

For Lil, to try to make it better.

Kaidoh Kaoru and the Dread Pirate Momo-chan
MomoKai-ish, PG-13, 1100 words.
A bedtime story.

Shikishi's fault. Even though she tried to deny it later.

Aim for the Sky!, Sato/Asakawa, 4200 words, PG.
In which Tachiki isn't a nice boy, Sato isn't a smart boy, and Asakawa isn't a natural blond.

For Mousapelli. I think this is my favourite story of the year. Fake fandom FTW!

Trivial Pursuit
InuKai, G, 1400 words.
Inui is a young man of information.

For sweet Kaidoh's birthday. I'll never get enough of these two.

The Snake, the Slug, the Frog, and the Racquet
MomoKai, PG, 9000 words.
Nationals is over. The real contest is just beginning.

My spring_fluff pinch-hit story, re-worked from a WIP. I love it when they draw on each other's shoes. Also, Horio.

Imperfect Match
Atobe/Tezuka, PG-13, 3000 words.
Nationals and other things.

My spring_fluff non-pinch-hit story. It was jossed a bit by the manga before it was posted, but I don't think that's a big problem. My favourite part is where Atobe says, "motherfucker."

Power Nap
InuKai, 800 words, PG
Three hours til curfew.

For one of Helen's InuKai love posts. ♥

Slam Dunk, Kogure/Mitsui, PG13, 1600 words.

For Marks, who knows an OTP when she sees one. The secret behind the title is that it's the total of their uniform numbers.

Prince of Tennis, Ryoma/Kaidoh, NC-17, 800 words.
Echizen wants one thing.

If you'd told me two years ago that I'd be posting RyoKai, I'd have laughed in your face. Now I want to write more.

InuKai, G, 790 words.
Fluff. And pencils.

The title makes it sound kind of depressing but it was supposed to refer to Kaidoh's pencil problems.

InuKai, G, 435 words.
Inui imagines.

Another comment fic for Helen. :)

MomoKai, PG-13, 2000 words.
In which Momo is dumb, Kaidoh is cranky, and the internet is not helpful.

...it's the most remarkable word I've ever seen...

And that's all that she wrote in 2007. Not including my smex fic, which I haven't reposted yet.

Further reading: Index of all Hal's Prince of Tennis fic.
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