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You can call me Hal.

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Ways to keep from writing.
* Chat w/ Boy over IM

* Eat cheese

* Read LJ

* Write comments

* Watch Kamen Rider Blade

* Reload entries I commented on to see if there are replies

* Organize BT downloads

* Organize sock drawer

* Think about martinis

* Eat cheese again

* Watch Seinfeld

* Take shower

* Watch more Kamen Rider Blade

* Eat more cheese

* Make this post

Could somebody threaten me or something? This is ridiculous.

Personally, I blame society.

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You don't seem to have anything really pressing to do. How about reorganizing all my fic and hosting it somewhere? No? Just a thought.

*writes porn*

I kind of want some cheese now.

Sadly, I didn't even procrastinate by working on my own site. That's how pitiful my day was. And your threat was ineffectual, I'm sad to say. You need to be meaner.

Shit, I forgot to threaten you. Write something, dammit. Or...else.

You can't lose to me! ...okay, so I'm only thinking about writing, but I did canon review tonight so that I can finish this dumb snippet I was writing and go on to other things.

...I know! Write some fic, or my gay lawyer will sue you! *points at icon*

Hee! Today I'm procrastinating by auditioning some new text editing software.

(Deleted comment)
Either LJ or clowns. :D

Write or... mysterious androids in neon green will take away your cheese.

Did that work?

That's a good threat! I did manage to get a few words down in the end. :)

...how is it that I do all those things and then fail to produce the gorgeous stuff you do when you DO get back to writing. :P

Oh no, the threat! Wait for it...



Hee! I seem to be making some progress, anyhow. :) Thank you!

I just friended you but I'm not as random as I seem...I'm originally chzbrgr_of_doom but that journal is going to be deleted soon. :)

Thanks for the heads-up! I added you too. :)

Took me a while but...

Re: Took me a while but...

Hee! I think it must have been effective as I got some work done today.

Re: Took me a while but...


And your Santa_Smex fic saved my sanity during the last hour of work today. Funny thing, I always keep open a Word file under the name "_data" (camouflage)and copy-paste whatever I have in hand, be it a mail or a text, to later delete it. SO fitting for your fic!!

That was an awesome piece of fic. Leaving aside the v. annoying girls and the tennis bits I skipped (sorry, I truly dislike the sport itself! Moreover in videogame --but I read them crash against each other, yes, that's all I cared about), every interaction between the two glassed dorks was a gem. I really can't quote, I just have vivid images in my head: the hand-holding, Tezuka providing gratuitous data on his body temperature, THE CHAT (with everyone!), the whole scene at Tezuka's room: WHAT A GLORIOUS DEPICTION OF THE MAKE-OUT SESSION. You outdid yourself there, Hal. Honest!

Were the tech problems and agony based on true events and experiences in your life/work? :D

Edited at 2008-01-17 12:45 pm (UTC)

Re: Took me a while but...

I'm so glad to hear it cheered you up! I had a lot of difficulty writing it so it's good to know it turned out okay. I love those two together but they're tricky. The clammy handholding was fun, though. :)

Re: Took me a while but...

Trust me, your efforts were well reflected on the final result : )

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