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Torchwood 2x01: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Can you say fanservice? The only way that scene could have been any hotter is if it had been Kara and Kat.

This show is so goddamn fun. Ianto breaks my heart. And I hope JM comes back for 1000 episodes.

I'd completely forgotten how lovely Gwen is. Her eyes! The gap between her teeth! ♥

The Toshiko-Owen stuff felt a bit weird. Sad to say, Tosh probably would get involved with a jerk like Owen.

I'd go into some in-depth meta analysis but, you know, it's Torchwood. :D

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My dl failed so I had to restart twice. it is currently at 64% *crosses things*

fanservice you say? never. NO!. ;P

*boosts your download*

I know -- TW is usually so repressed.

Gwen is beautiful. And Ianto is *awesome*. And I love this show. FUN!

Also, Gwen's voice is totally sexy. And dang, Tosh should know better. I *hope* she knows better. *crosses fingers*

YES re the voice. But I fear that Tosh is one of those folks who is smart about everything except other people.

Eve Myles is crazy sexy, but the Gwen character kills me. I wish Rhys wasn't such a plot device. I don't like that aspect of the show at all.


I hope they actually do something with Rhys this season. I was unhappy that Gwen got to have him back w/o consequences.

Can't wait for next week!

(Deleted comment)
You're right -- and it fits so much better!

I do get what you say about Gwen. But she's hot to me no matter what. :) Owen, not so much.

"if this gives me Jack/Owen and Ianto/Owen and, even better, Jack/Ianto/Owen, I don't care"


I think RTD has reached levels of fanservice not previously considered possible in this reality.

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I watched the entire first season after I saw the second season trailer on your lj and I forgot to thank you. It's absolutely wonderful! :D

And this episode made my brain bleed. My God, James Marsters is awesome. :O This is the second tv character he's played that I will possibly never ever forget. He steals the show everytime he's on. Sheesh.

*wibbles* The dialogue was excellent, too! So snappy and fun. :D

I'm so glad you're into the show! shikishi was the one who linked in the trailer, so she gets the credit.

It was such slash porn -- kissing and fighting and ♥ And JM was fabulous. So great that he's willing to kiss men to make us happy. :D

Haha, oh yes. Complete agreement. JM is so much love... he was so into the part it was lovely.

Oh it was so good. It was good with a capital hot!

I loved every little damn thing about the episode including the Tosh/Owen stuff - although I will probably change my mind later on in the series.

James rocked like the rocky thing he is. Loved the Spike-lite attitude. And for a man I can't fancy even if I really really try these days he looked hot.

GDL continues to be my TV boyfriend. One day I'll let him know this. How adorable was the Jack/Ianto date asking scene???

Very, very hot! Wacky fun and I like wacky fun. And the date scene was so freaking sweet. ♥

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