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You can call me Hal.

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FOB/WaT: Reunion Tour (Pete/Eiji)
From confusion, art! I scoured iTunes and I have no WaT at all and the only Fall Out Boy is a cover of something from Nightmare Before Christmas. So I just put on The Weakerthans because ♥.

Reunion Tour by Hal
FOB/WaT, Pete Wentz/Eiji Wentz.
A tender tale of long lost love.


"I never knew I had a long lost brother," Eiji said, in Japanese.

"Well, you do," Pete said, also in Japanese. "I actually knew five years ago but it took me that long to learn Japanese. So I had to wait to find you. Also, I had a lot going on. You probably read about it on Wikipedia."

"No," Eiji said. "There's no page about you in Japanese."

"Oh." Pete was kind of at a loss. "So, do you like my band?"

"Sure," Eiji said. "Do you like my band?"

"It's great," Pete said, although secretly he didn't like WaT very much. "We should, like, tour together some time."

"Yeah, maybe," Eiji said in a way that made Pete wonder if he secretly didn't like Fall Out Boy that much either.

"So," Pete said, trying to remember more stuff from Eiji's Wikipedia page so he could make conversation, "I hear you ran a marathon for the shooting of your first music video."

"That's true," Eiji said. "And my musical influence comes from Mr. Children and The Yellow Monkey."

"How interesting," Pete said. "And I myself was in a multi-episode arc of the show One Tree Hill, appearing first at Tric (the local all-ages club in Tree Hill) with the entire band."

"Well done," Eiji said.

"We have a lot in common," Pete said. "Not just music." He pulled out a booklet and showed it to Eiji.

"You mean people draw BL doujinshi about your band too?" Eiji said.

"No!" Pete thought about it. "Well, probably they do. But I meant that we're both sort of, you know, open to things. With guys."

"Really? Did it say that on Wikipedia?"

"Not on your page, but I just assumed from the comic. And I thought, since we're all long-lost and gayish and all..." Pete looked at Eiji with his best soulful punk boy emo eyes. "Also, I read this article about how family members who are reunited like this often have a sexual reaction to each other. And you're really fucking cute."

Eiji wrinkled his nose. "Well, maybe I'm having a little bit of a sexual reaction. Just make sure it doesn't get onto my Wikipedia page."

"Are you sure? It's great for publicity."

"Yeah, but Teppei would kill me."

"Tell you what," Pete said, taking off his shirt, "if it makes it onto Wikipedia, I'll edit it out myself."

"Okay," Eiji said. "Since you're also pretty fucking cute."

And they had a really great sexual reaction to each other until Eiji found out Pete wouldn't go all the way.

The next day, Eiji started studying English so he could edit Pete's Wikipedia page.


Okay, real fic tomorrow, I promise.
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*almost totally confused, but not enough so that she didn't laugh really a lot*

What did we do before Wikipedia?

I have even less idea who these guys are than usual, but I still love you a whole lot. (:

What do you think? Was Pete in character?

Even though I wrote RPS that wasn't J2?



teppei would be pissed.

Please don't tell him! Except I bet he's even prettier when he cries.

Although I am ignorant of the ongoings of The Strange Thing That is Bandom, I must say I thoroughly appreciated this little Wentzx2 (Wentz^2?) piece. ;) I also have the Nightmare Before Christmas cover song! It is one of the few (count: three) FoB songs I have. However, if you want some WaT music, I think I may be able to hook you up. ^__^)b

Hee! W2 maybe?

(I love your icon!)

(Deleted comment)
It was too much to resist. :D

HAHAHAHAH. I don't know who the Pete version of Wentz is, but I approve so long as Teppei can join. ;3

Maybe Teppei can convince Pete to put out a little more. :)

*Cracking up*

it's exactly like that.

Even though I don't know much about Eiji (cuuuuute) or Pete...or WaT or care much for FOB's music (I like his friends' bands)....

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AND I WISH YOU WOULD WRITE MORE OF THEM AND THEIR LONG-LOST-SIBLING-KINDA-SEXUAL-REACTION. Pete learning Japanese for five years. Wikipedia pages. Secretly not liking FOB's music. Sexual reactions. Not going all the way. ENGLISH LEARNING.


I quoted half of this to mousapelli in IM and would quote it here but then, as I said, I realised it was half the fic and that might make me look really retarded. >.>

Ahahaha! I would write more but I'd have to edit their Wikipedia pages myself to make up more "facts" about them.

See, Wikipedia just brings the people together.

Your wikipedia fic has made my day! Wentzcest for the win.

AHAHAHA. i love the essentials you picked out about pete. like his above-the-waist gay. awesome.

I kind of don't blame Eiji for being ticked off about that. :D

Best WaT/FOB crossover fic that assumes Eiji Wentz and Pete Wentz are brothers ever!

I find it's best to pick a niche and stick with it. :)

8-> Oh Hal, you make dreams come true.

I'm like a fairy godmother. Of crack.