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You can call me Hal.

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A random list of things.
> I am having to spend much of my pre-work relaxing time today washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen so that when the manager comes in to fix our tap, he's not horrified. I suspect I'm somewhat motivated by a dream I had recently where we were evicted for taking care of someone's cat for a few days. I've had quite a few weird dreams lately, including one where Konomi totally changed all the Seigaku characters, even though we're so close to the end (and it still seems scarily plausible to me) and another that can best be summed up as Howie Mandel caught my sister masturbating.

> The Boy is wanting to watch Crusade and so I've had to sit through the pre-series movie and the first episode. Both suck. I think the show does get better eventually, but I'm not sure I can make it that far. I've been trying to distract him by downloading The Sarah Jane Adventures and that seems to be working. But what will I do when those run out?

> I updated my Prince of Tennis fic index and upgraded Atobe/Tezuka to its own section, which was exciting in a low-key way. (Though it should have been a separate section already, since apparently all it takes is two stories to get there.) I've been thinking about how hard it is to write these two in a boyish way, far more so than any other PoT characters I've attempted. I feel like they're about 32 when they're together. That might be a good challenge, though.

> I forgot to post about it before, but I got an iPod Touch in December. It's such a shiny, shiny toy and I love it so much. I'm listening to podcasts again (and spending way too much money on iTunes, but it's all on Canadian bands, so I don't feel too badly about it) and I can use it to read LJ on my breaks. (For the price of a shitty coffee in one of the few places to still have free wifi.) I'm getting a lot better at typing on it and I've made a few posts and comments on it. And sometimes I watch anime on the bus. Next up, cellphone novel! Hmm, maybe it's time for my Horio Dream Novel...

> [ insert obligatory cheese remark here ]

> eta There are no users interested in wentzcest. *cries*

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(Deleted comment)
If so, I never saw a dime for the idea!

Howie Mandel caught my sister masturbating

That...sounds very disturbing.

Was cheese involved?

Thank goodness, no, or I'd be skeezed out every time I ate cheese. And I eat cheese several times per day.

Howie Mandel is kind of hot, though, don't you think?

Is...your icon Kaidoh/cheese...? O.O

Two great tastes that taste great together.

You're avoiding my Howie Mandel question.

Wow- and here I thought I was seeing things!

I liked Howie Mandel in Bobby's World, but now, with the shaved head...just doesn't do it for me...-___-

Ooh, iPod Touch. I lusted after one for a little while before deciding that what I really wanted was the Nano. So tiny! So shiny! Mostly I just wanted a better mp3 player than my Palm Pilot (which introduced a lot of noise through the headphone jack), but it had to have actual menus and stuff, so the Shuffle wouldn't cut it. But the video capability is still pretty sweet even though the screen is a lot smaller than the Palm.

Yeah, depends on what you need it for. The Touch will replace my laptop on short trips, etc, which is lovely. And it looks like candy. ♥

Yeah, if I did not already have the Palm TX then it would have been the Touch all the way. (And I was still tempted, because the Palm browser doesn't do Youtube. XD)

Your dreams make me giggle. I hope they don't freak you out too much.

I still haven't got any Sarah Jane Adventures! Amazingly, I have a full plate of TV right now, and I can't imagine when I'd squeeze it in. This with the writers' strike still going full blast. When BSG and Heroes come back, I might just explode.

It's not often that my dreams freak me out. Mostly, I just find them interesting.

It's fun show but definitely aimed at kids. I don't think it would really offer much to you. Except for Sarah Jane, of course. :)

Oh, I saw the pilot and quite liked it! It's just a matter of making time for it.

Plus: Sarah Jane!

My roomie just made me watch all of B5 and we also watched the first Crusade movie (Thieves' Guild? Whaaaat?) ... anyway, from what little I've seen of the rest of the series, it seems like it can be enjoyed on two levels

1) the whole phallic metaphor of the ship
2) imagining that it's a Stargate Atlantis AU. The characters map surprisingly well!

I love B5 but Crusade just isn't cutting it for me. Probably imagining it's SGA isn't going to help, considering how crazy that show made me. :) But the ship, OMG yes.

I still kinda want that Kaidoh/Akutsu/Momo fic to happen.

Kaidoh should make Akutsu stop smoking. I think that would be fun.

akutsu's smoking is sexy, Hal.


and cancerous.

I like his smoking. I just think it would be funny watching him try to quit.

Are you going to write a cancer!Akutsu strory?

That would be. But he wouldn't even try for Kaidoh, he'd just make him suffer. But Kaidoh kind of likes it, except for the health factor thing.

and no. no I am not. I left fandom, remember?

Maybe Kaidoh smokes too because he thinks it looks cool but he doesn't inhale so it won't interfere with his stamina for tennis.

Nobody leaves fandom.

Kaidoh does. once. while trying to impress Akutsu. Who just laughs when he starts coughing and then tries to molest him without permission. And then Momo sees them from where he's sitting in the burger joint and totally gets the wrong idea.

and calls Taka.

I just did. See.

I am creeped out by your dreams, jealous of your iPod, I still have to watch Crusade and I like cheese.

The iPod is the Best. Thing. Ever. Unlike Crusade.

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