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You can call me Hal.

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What do you mean, they're not even thinking about me?

I feel weirdly paranoid today. And itchy.

Today's Questions:

1. Are you out to get me?

2. Who is cooler: Tony Todd or Lance Henriksen?

3. What do you wear to sleep?


1. Sometimes I think so.

2. If I knew, I wouldn't have to ask. But they should totally do a major B-movie thriller together.

3. Cotton sleep pants -- today, blue and white stripes -- and tank top. And I'm still wearing them at ten in the morning. :)

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1. Never.

2. I don't know who Tony Todd is, so Lance Henriksen wins by default.

3. In winter, I wear my yummy sushi pajamas (just like Buffy's!) or, if it's really cold, long underwear. In summer, nothing at all.

Tony Todd! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0865302/ He's got so much charisma and The Voice and he's guest-starred on pretty much every show I watch. (Well, except Corner Gas.)

1. In general, no. Maybe.
2. Lance Henrickson. He had a yellow house. Well Frank Black did. But, you know.
3. A rotating cast of cotton/flannel pants with an even more rotating cast of t-shirts.

You're trying to lull me into a false sense of security with that lovely icon.

1. Are you out to get me?
  • >_> why? who told you? how'd you find out?

    2. Who is cooler: Tony Todd or Lance Henriksen?
  • ...is this a trick question?

    3. What do you wear to sleep?
  • who says i sleep?

  • That's not you in the other room, is it?

    1. I'm not out to get anybody, that's way too much work.

    2. That is a very hard question, but since I've actually got a Tony Todd icon, I'll have to go with Tony.

    3. Cotton sleep pants and a tee-shirt. But only in the winter.

    Icon love! He's just too awesome.

    1. Yes.

    2. I don't know who either is. Should I write slash fic about them?

    3. Sweatshirt and pajama pants in the winter, t-shirt and shorts or pajama pants in the summer. Try not to get too turned on.

    After #3, I'm thinking you should write slash fic about you and me instead.

    1. If I am, then the end of the sentence is 'into my new fandom'.
    2. I don't know who Tony Todd is either, but Lance Henriksen is awesome.
    3. Pajama pants and the t-shirt I was wearing the day before, usually, with extra layers from pj stockpile as needed. (I have an awesome fleece pj hoodie for extra-cold nights.)

    Bunnyhugs are the best sleepwear! I pretty much love hoods at any time. I can pretend I'm in a little fort all alone when I have one over my head.

    1. No, but I can pretend to be if that makes you feel better.

    2. I don't know either of them so I couldn't tell you.

    3. I've grown a fondness for sleeping in the nude.

    1. It might distract me from my real enemies.

    3. I used to when I was younger. Maybe I'm just colder now. :)

    1. Does stalking count?
    2. Boyd Holbrook
    3. Panties and T-shirts

    1. Only if you're a creepy stalker.

    2. Hee! You're not allowed to answer a question about craggy older actors with a young cute one. :)

    1. I'm out to get you to write J2.
    2. Tony Todd. He was Augustus Cole!
    3. T-shirt in winter, camisole in summer. And I don't wear pants, ha!

    Today's pimping moment: So at the latest con, when Jared was asked how it was working with Sandy, he replied (paraphrased): It's different working with someone you're close to. Jensen and I are close, obviously, but I don't, you know, kiss Jensen. ...In public.

    1. Don't think I'm not thinking about it. I have some questions to ask you tonight.

    2. He was so awesome! He's awesome in everything.

    3. If you weren't morally bankrupt, you would wear pants.

    Hee! He knows his audience.

    1. I'm out to get someone. Not telling who.

    2. I have no idea who they are, but Lance Henriksen sounds cooler.

    3. At this time of year: wool socks, sweatpants, turtleneck, fleece sweatshirt or wool sweater, and a hat. When hormones or weather make me colder I add another pair of socks, long underwear pants, and mitts.

    If you're after me, at least I know I'll hear you coming in all that gear!

    And I love that cat scarf in yhour icon.

    1. Well, it really depends on tour definition of 'get'. This could all turn very philosophical.
    Short answer: No.

    2. I... don't know. :O Is that bad?

    3. I wear pyjamas, coz I'm just uncool like that. :P

    1. Intriguing. I'll keep my eye on you. :D

    3. Like pretty much everyone here, it seems.

    1. Wouldn't you like to know.

    2. Both! <--- cop-out answer born of being too lazy to look either of them up

    3. To be honest, I fall asleep in my clothes more often than not :( When not, cotton pajama pants (current ones are plaid with eyelet trim and nifty pockets with wooden buttons!) and a t-shirt.

    1. I will never have peace of mind.

    3. Eyelet == cute!

    I want to be dressed in sleep clothes at ten in the morning on a weekday too. Lucky~

    1. Absolutely. I'm going to kidnap you and make you write Inui stories for me 24/7. It will be a good life for everyone involved.

    2. I have no idea who they are. I'm going to go with Tony Todd, though, because his names sounds cooler.

    3. You already know. I make an art out of bad bed fashion, I swear.

    I'm lucky, I know. I work a 4 day week and have Wednesdays off. It's pretty much perfect.

    1. So many pairings to explore! Can I work on my MomoKai WIP on my lunch break?

    3. Hee! It sounds like none of us have slinky nighties.

    (Deleted comment)
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