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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
You know that part in The Sound of Music where Liesl sneaks into Maria's room, soaking wet, and Maria tells her that she wants to be her friend and why doesn't she get out of those wet clothes and into Maria's bed?

I think about that sometimes.


I had never and now I'm going to every time I watch it.

I think I should watch The Sound of Music.

Everyone should, at least once. But that might be enough.

Another childhood movie I can never look at the same way again. Huh.

That's just a part of growing up. :D

friends with perks, obviously. *snerks*

A pretty good Liesl/Maria story actually exists. I'm sure there are more somewhere....

I'm not surprised at all. :)

I just love that movie more and more.
It's no good to re-watch the movies of your childhood with your current slasher eyes.

I don't know -- it's made Speed Racer a lot more entertaining. :)

I'll be humming that song all day night. It has all new meaning for me now.

Some things are sacred!

I guess I'm just evil. :)

Hooray, I'm not the only one!

It's so different when you say it.

Hey, a governess's work is never done! Of course it makes the whole, "I should like calling you Mother," bit later in the movie a little disturbing. By which I mean, BETTER.

You've warped my brain.

You've warped my brain.

Just NOW?

My friend, you are hilarious. You just made my day. I was seriously lol. SoM will never be the same. XD

...Yeah, okay, that scene's completely changed for me now.

This post just made my day.

Those are good, A+ thoughts. I approve.

This is good to know. :)