Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Thing One and Thing Two

Thing that most makes me feel like a failure: Peeling hard-cooked eggs. They fall apart in my hands almost every time. I see videos on YouTube of people blowing the whole shell off in one go. And then there's me, the Great Egg Mangler.

Thing that most makes me feel like a success: That time I got linked on Slashdot.

Thing that gets me through the day: Coffee and my iPod and the pretty boy in the next cubicle.

Thing that I want: A pic of Maggie Simpson and Kaoru-chan playing blocks together.

Thing that I have: Peace and love.

Thing that I love: Cheese and robots and you. In that order.

Thing that I am: Late! As in, for work. Not as in the Late Great Hal.
Tags: i like robots better than you
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