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Happy Birthday, shikishi!

x 1000, Kishi, and a glass of Inui juice to make you well.

This is sort of the Kaidoh, Momo, and Akutsu thing for you. It's, um, yeah.


"Go to hell," Kaidoh says but he's the one who leaves, knocking Momoshiro's fries into his lap and bruising his hip on the trash can near the door.

"You owe me for those," Momoshiro calls and reaches for the burger Kaidoh left behind.

Kaidoh pulls out his mobile and deletes Momoshiro's number, standing by the window so Momoshiro can see him do it. Momoshiro texts him. Why do you like mustard? It's gross. Kaidoh blocks him altogether.

"You should just kick his ass." A plume of smoke blows past Kaidoh's face and he turns around.

"You're that guy."

"Yeah," Akutsu says. "And you're what?" He drops the cigarette onto the pavement and it smoulders there, smoke curling into the air. "I heard you weren't quite as much of a loser as the rest of Seigaku. But you're just a pussy after all."

"Shut the fuck up." Kaidoh looks Akutsu up and down, in case they're going to fight.

A boy comes out of the restaurant and hands Akutsu a bag. "Get lost," Akutsu says and the boy flinches away. "Come on," Akutsu says to Kaidoh.

Kaidoh falls in beside Akutsu, matching his slouch but not his swagger, and he doesn't look back to see if Momoshiro is watching, but then he does, and he is.


Kaidoh likes how people move out of their way, like they're sharks swimming down the sidewalk. They lean against a wall in the park while Akutsu crams a burger down his throat and Kaidoh wishes he hadn't left his behind. Akutsu drops his trash onto the ground and they wander around, hands in their pockets, and sit down under a tree.

They stretch out on the grass and Kaidoh stares up through the leaves, a kaleidoscope of green, until he's dizzy and half asleep. He pulls out his phone to check the time.

"What, you have a date or something?" Akutsu says and Kaidoh puts it away. It's okay to miss his run this once. He hears the click of Akutsu's lighter and then Akutsu is holding out the pack.

"I'm in training," Kaidoh says, because he is, though he really wants to try it, once, at least. But maybe not right now. Right now he closes his eyes halfway and watches the tip of Akutsu's cigarette glowing orange in the dusk. Akutsu smokes it almost to the filter before he flicks it away.

"So, you going to blow me or what?" he says and every muscle in Kaidoh's body pulls tight.

"What the fuck?"

"I know you're giving it to that meathead from the hamburger shop." Akutsu puts his hands behind his head. "So, you're what, the Seigaku bicycle?"

Kaidoh's vision clouds and his ears ring and he's going to fucking kill Akutsu. He launches himself, grapples Akutsu, hits his face and shoulders. And then the breath slams out of his lungs and he's flat on his back, Akutsu's hands tight around his wrists and Akutsu's knee between his legs, nudging up against his cringing balls.

"I can make you," Akutsu says. Kaidoh's blood is cold and screaming in his head. And there's a tiny hot coal in the pit of his stomach that scares him more than Akutsu crushing his testicles.

He wrenches and heaves and Akutsu lets him go, laughing, like he's bored. "You try it and I'll kill you," Kaidoh says.

"That would be fun." Akutsu stands and stretches. "I'll call you sometime." He walks away and Kaidoh watches until he's out of sight.

He throws away Akutsu's garbage before he goes home.


"You're blocking my calls," Momoshiro says. He's playing Kaidoh's new baseball game and he doesn't look away from the screen.

"Why are you here?" Kaidoh takes off his uniform jacket and hangs it up.

"Why did you take off with that scary freak? Oh shit." Momoshiro drops the controller. "This game sucks."

"Because he's not annoying."

"You are such an asshole." Momoshiro stands and crosses the room. "You should try to be a little nicer sometimes. And use less mustard."

"Fuck off." Kaidoh unbuttons his shirt.

"Those are some pretty mixed signals, I have to say." Momoshiro grabs Kaidoh around the waist. Kaidoh shoves Momoshiro and they scuffle, like they do, and Kaidoh's still got adrenaline to burn.

He gets Momoshiro on the floor, pinned like Akutsu did to him, with hard hands and a threatening knee. When he sees the look on Momoshiro's face, he rolls away. He goes down on Momoshiro because it's easier than saying he's sorry.

"You're weird today." Momoshiro kisses Kaidoh's belly and Kaidoh doesn't push him away. They play the baseball game a while before Momoshiro leaves. It really does suck.

Kaidoh steals a cigarette from his father's jacket and takes it back up to his room. He holds it between his fingers, unlit, and enters Momoshiro's number back into his phone.
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