Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Three is the magic number

Three things:

1. Drabble for the hp100 Pensieve challenge: Like the First Time

2. About that body mod link I posted last night -- I should have been more clear -- it's not real, check the posting date at the bottom of the page. But there are plenty of real squicky body mod links up at this kuo5hin article if that's your thing. I'm looking forward to reading the trepannation info.

3. In regard to Stargate SG-1, I have crossed the Rubicon. I was going to wait until after I watched S3 to jump into fandom, but it's on order and I don't think I can wait.

Don't worry about spoiling me -- I can't expect to jump into the fandom now and participate yet remain a blushing virgin.

So, link me your links, rec me your fics, play me your vids. What lists should I join? What pairings should I ship? What fic should I write?

Are there secret signals I need to learn? Some sort of initiation? Hazing? BNFs I should suck up to?

Hmm, if I go through the story I'm writing and change "Sirius" to "Jack" and "Lucius" to "Heru-ur" and "Remus" to "Daniel" that will work...

Kidding! KIDDING! Still writing HP. I'm as obsessed as ever I was. But I am a woman of many fandoms and there's always room for one more.

Tags: drabbles, fic, harry potter, links, stargate sg-1
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