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You can call me Hal.

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Questions Three, now in poll form!

Hal forgot to answer the comments on her holiday exchange fic and it is now more than a month after the reveal. I think she should:

Just leave them and repost the fic here already
Just leave them but do not repost the fic as penance
Answer them like it's perfectly okay it took so long
Answer them in a grovelling fashion
Answer them with a personalized drabble for each commenter
Burn in hell like the evil non-comment-answering witch she is

I would stock my toybox with:

LEGO pirate ship (does not include Johnny Depp minifig)
Fisher Price Family Farm with the door that makes the cow mooing sound
Lite Brite

I prefer the music of:

Michael Jackson
Céline Dion
The Arrogant Worms

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I kind of think Q1 is a personal thing really - by now peeps probably have forgotten about the comment - so which would make YOU feel okay - posting the fic up or taking the time to reply first. If you're ok with not responding, do it. Posts and entries IMO have a very short shelf life - especially for the regular commenters who tend to do dozens of comments everyday.

If you're mind if getting you on a guilt trip, start up on the long comments and make your way down to the "Me like!" comments. So, less on your conscience.

I'm partly afraid that answering the comments will actually make me look like a bigger douche in the long run because then people will remember that I didn't answer them before. But if I don't, I'll be tortured by guilt. The agony!

Clearly, I need to get some perspective. :D

I am prejudiced against the farm with the door that makes the mooing sound, because the one in our household is broken in some unidentifiable way that makes it moo whenever you step on the floor in its near vicinity, or go up and down stairs, or slam the downstairs door. Every now and then a visitor will ask us what that phantom mooing sound is. We usually just say "cows."

The Fisher Price Haunted Barn!

I think not answering comments is the least of the reasons you will burn in hell for, so I think you should take it as a free pass to not answer comments.

You're always so supportive! That's why I love you, really.

moo cow door for the win, Hal. for. the. win.

wait. you wrote fic. I forgot to read it. crimminy

I loved that cow door.

At least I'm not the only forgetful one. :) I'll probably post it here next week. But I warn you: Horio isn't in it.

I wanted to choose the personalized drabble option, but I doubt that one will actually come to pass. So you should just drabble for me.

I wish Atobe would cover 'Dirty Diana'.

There are more chapters of Hills Like White Tennis Balls planned, never fear.

That would be a Good Thing.

I have the Harry Potter Durmstrang Lego ship, and might I say I highly recommend it. :)

Ooh, I haven't seen that one. I'll have to hit the toy store soon.

I don't like the first two artists, and have never heard of the last two. So I'm going to stick in my own response of "Tool." Because I'm a rebel that way.

It's people like you who contribute to the downfall of society.

I haven't answered mine and don't plan to! I say just repost the story and move on with life. Tell any residual guilt to take a long walk off a short pier.

This is the exact advice I would give to anyone who isn't me. It's strange how that works.

(Deleted comment)
I saw the Arrogant Worms on tour last year and singing along to that song was the most fun thing ever.

...The second question was hard. I love LEGOs, but a mooing farm just sounds awesome.

Also I feel like I shouldn't vote for Atobe, just because he always wins everything. But oh well.

And for the first one, I always feel like I'll be bothering someone if I reply to a comment too late. But I'm insane, and a late comment is probably better than no comment at all, really.

The mooing farm is very awesome. There are also chickens.

I know what you mean about Atobe, but it's hard to say he doesn't deserve it.

My mother gave away all my lego (I had a massive box full of it, with really cool stuff from back in the day, like a huge castle and a dragon wagon and a bunch of space ships -- even a space jail!) and I have never forgiven her for it. I would still play with it.

Oh no! My partner had the same experience. So now we just buy it for ourselves.

Answer them with a personalized drabble for each commenter
Tempted. So very very tempted. o.o;

I am SO glad that option didn't win!

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