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Torchwood: 2.04 Meat
I ♥ Rhys so much. Otherwise, not my favourite episode. And as I've said to a few people, Ianto should not be a badass super stungun hero. He should sit in the car and think up his snarky comments. The pacing was kind of bad. And the Jack-Gwen UST feels so forced. But Jack flirting with Rhys's assistant made me pause and take a happy moment.

SPN 3.10: Dream a Little Dream
How hot was Sam in this episode? How surprised am I to be writing that? Also, for half a second I thought there was some Bobby/Bella going on and that was pretty much the best thing ever. The episode itself was dumb but it was nice to see Dean come around. And for Sam to get at least a little Anti-Christ-y, even if the symbolism was Way Too Blatant. And now I'm ready for some fluff to take the edge off.

Kamen Rider Kiva 1.01
Looks good so far, though I wish the actors were a little older and a little less pretty. It seems pretty over-the-top even for toku, but I think that could be okay. I like the whole bat motif. And kick-ass girls. Which is a step. Now can we have a female Rider please? (Yeah, there were a few in the movies, but that's not the same thing.)

In other news, this is pretty much the best kind of weekend, where my partner is out at social events most of the time and I don't have to go along, so I get to flake out and watch sit-com reruns and drink scotch right out of the bottle.
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